BHZ | Curacao corrupted at every Level of the Society


Curaçao is corrupted at every Level of the Society

According to an American survey, the most corrupted states in the USA are nothing compared to the corruption level on some of the Caribbean Islands. Aruba, St.Maarten and Curaçao span the corruption list. Dutch and (British) BVI off-shores company structures deliver the possibilities for money laundering around the Caribbean.

Florida is best known for its building inspectors on the take, while Kentucky is known for its bookmaking on the Derby thrown in. South Dakota and Alaska set the stage for oil bribery.

In Illinois last two governors both went to jail for corruption. Mississippi is ranked as the number one corrupted state in the USA, and because it is the poorest state in the USA, it’s corruption approaches levels of Third World Countries.

The Dutch Caribbean Islands, in particular Curaçao, faces all of the above mentioned levels. The hunt for one honest public official is useless, as all levels of government services are corrupted to the bone.

On a island where little functions properly and especially mental poverty is an epidemic, no hope for improvement is acceptable. Tourism flourishes as the on- and offshore money laundering machines work 24/7.

Corrupt offered building permits and inspectors pave the way for tax-free tourism developing projects to take place. Bookmaking and gambling are a social disease that dominate Curaçao. Casino’s and other gambling businesses serve as banks for illegal drugs trafficking.

After the government sold nearly all of the island’s reachable beaches to developers and hotels for tourism, the locals can almost not reach the shorelines on the south coast of the island anymore.

Still Curaçao’s income fails to even cover governments costs, as most rich and business people received tax-holidays and other benefits the local islanders are not entitled to. They have to carry the costs of the infrastructures for outsiders to collect their huge profits.

The 80/20 ruling by law is not respected, for the locals to get jobs. After all the locals are badly educated, developed or corrupted. So that’s a good or better said perfect excuse for the colonial pirates to hold against the local society.

Life is a beach.

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3 Reacties op “BHZ | Curacao corrupted at every Level of the Society

  1. zijn we toch nog ergens goed in..zelfs de beste!!!
    het meest corrupte eiland van de carrebean??
    verbaasd me ook helemaal niet….
    De wil ontbreekt bij alle politici om hier maar iets aan te doen.
    Maffia regeerd al 40 jaar….
    het volk moet dom blijven, dus papiaments spreken op school en thuis.
    dat is het stemvee voor de toekomstige generatie maffiapartijen.

  2. caribbeancynic

    Informatie van een obscure web site lijkt me nou niet nuttig om over te nemen.

    Dat neemt niet weg dat de conclusies juist zijn maar zo kun je elke dag wel een open deur intrappen.

  3. Dit kan toch niemand meer verbazen?

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