CC | ‘Formateur’ Eugene Rhuggenaath on formation new government

Press release: ‘Formateur’ Eugene Rhuggenaath on formation new government

WILLEMSTAD – On Thursday, May 11, Her Excellence the Governor of Curaçao requested Eugene Rhuggenaath, to form a cabinet supported by the political parties PAR, MAN and PIN. These parties signed a government agreement last week.

Based on the Governor’s instructions, Rhuggenaath spoke with the candidate ministers and the screening process, as described in the national decree, has been initiated. The candidate ministers have all submitted a completed and signed statement giving the involved entities permission to perform the screening. There are four investigations: a judicial investigation by the Public Prosecutor, a security investigation by the Curaçao Intelligence Agency, a tax inspection by the Tax Inspectorate and a medical examination by ARBO Consult.

For the medical examination, each candidate must also submit a doctor’s statement from his or her own GP, which indicates whether there are medical barriers to the role of minister. The medical examination must also include an investigation into the use of prohibited substances under the 1960 National Decree Opium. The candidate ministers and their family members are also asked to fill in the written declaration in which they provide information about their financial situation.

The screening process of the ‘formateur’ himself is carried out at the request of the Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Council, in accordance with the National Ordinance, as the ‘formateur’ he is the intended new Prime Minister, thus also a candidate minister. The ‘formateur’ has now approached all entities, including the Advisory Council, for their cooperation in order for the screening process to go smoothly.

For the talks last Friday and Saturday, all candidate ministers have met with the ‘formateur’. On Friday afternoon, the candidate ministers of MAN met with Rhuggenaath and on Saturday the candidates of PIN and PAR. Rhuggenaath also had conversations with the candidate deputy Minister Plenipotentiary. The conversations with the intended Minister Plenipotentiary will be held via Skype.

For the execution of the formation assignment, the ‘formateur’ asked the assistance of Etienne Ys, who led the information process. The Governor is aware that Rhuggenaath has accepted the formation mission and has received a copy of the agreement signed by the PAR, MAN and PIN members in which they agree to form a coalition.

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  1. Abraham Mossel

    Oké , Brain S, Waarom zing ik dit lied, jij hebt als weinigen door wat voor mooi lied dit is. het zijn de liederen van triomf. DEn Geritanianues is uit gepoept, zelf zijn mede vazaallllllllll Jeses ???? heeft hem uit gepoet, ampolientje heeft al alles in het werk gesteld om MFK/KFO ten gronden te rigten via blazoen= me viareclseme tefa, dit zijn de wopwoorden va n Aporolieny, de bedoeling is dat Gerit de Raaf cq Ampoliene alle netekejeu s in het gevang komen oei,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Rexcyt 4MFK/KFO/KdNT wiederzijns╬☺

  2. Geen slapende honden wakker maken..

    Gerrit moet zo de bak in, zijn schuldeisers betalen en hij zal geen macht meer hebben.. Denk je dat hij dit zo maar zal toelaten?

  3. Abraham Mossel

    Wat is die Gerrit stil ♪♪☺♥♪♪♪ Wat is dieeeeeeeeeeee GeEEEEEEEEEEErit stil ♪♪♪♪5x♪♪♪☺☺☺

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