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PBC | Dagje vrij voor Oranjes

Persbureau Curacao KRALENDIJK – De koninklijke familie kan vandaag even op adem komen. Prinses Amalia, koning Willem-Alexander en koningin Máxima hebben geen activiteiten op de planning staan. Vanmiddag...

PBC | Winstbelasting Curaçao zeven procent omlaag

Persbureau Curacao WILLEMSTAD – Curaçao verlaagt de winstbelasting voor ondernemers van 22 naar vijftien procent. De verlaging geldt voor de eerste 500.000 gulden. Dat meldt het ministerie van...

AD | Op Bonaire hoort Amalia overal haar eigen naam

Jeroen Schmale | Algemeen Dagblad De introductiereis van prinses Amalia met haar ouders op de Antillen begon zaterdag echt op Bonaire. Conclusies na een dag in het spoor...
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NOS | Oranjes stappen dansvloer op bij bezoek aan Bonaire

Met een dag vol activiteiten, waarbij er zelfs een dansje werd gewaagd, is het bezoek van de koninklijke familie aan Caribisch Nederland officieel begonnen. Prinses Amalia, koning...

NTR | Leerorkest Aruba oefent met eigen ‘prinses’ Amalia

Melissa Stamper Voor de 9-jarige Amalia Hazel is de komst van haar koninklijke naamgenoot naar Aruba extra bijzonder. Samen met de andere kinderen in het Leerorkest van Aruba...

DH | Fire at District 721

SIMPSON BAY—Entertainment complex District 21 on Welfare Road caught fire early Sunday morning and largely burned down. The blaze started around 5:30am and quickly spread through...

BNR | Greenpeace: rechtszaak tegen Staat om Bonaire is noodzakelijk

Greenpeace verwacht dat de Nederlandse overheid voorlopig onvoldoende zal ingrijpen om Bonaire te beschermen tegen de gevolgen van klimaatverandering. Daarom zal uiteindelijk een rechtszaak tegen de Staat...
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UTS and Robbie’s Lottery Corruption Exposed

The late Member of Parliament of Curaçao, Helmin Wiels. (File Photo)
The late Member of Parliament of Curaçao, Helmin Wiels. (File Photo)

Media — UTS and Robbie’s Lottery Corruption Exposed.

Documents left by Slain Member of Parliament Helmin Wiels Leaked to Media — UTS and Robbie’s Lottery Corruption Exposed.

Richeron Balentien Exclusive
WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao:— Scores of government documents that the late Helmin Wiels left with five people in Curaçao and asked them to publish them on May 6th, 2013 just in case something should happen to him never made it to the media until now. Curaçao reporter Richeron Balentien got the documents and decided to share them with SMN News.


It should be noted that the very outspoken Member of Parliament Helmin Wiels was assassinated on May 5th, 2013, one day prior to when the documents were to be released. His brutal murder scared the people he left the documents with probably because some of them knew that Wiels would have been killed.

The documents exposed the illegal transactions done by Robbie’s Lottery via its SMS sales which is in contravention of the lottery regulation of 1909. The late Member of Parliament spoke out against the illegalities on his radio program and indicated that he would have released them.

The SMS lottery “refers to offenses that are in contravention of the Lottery Regulation 1909. The offences were committed by all parties namely UTS and Robbies Lottery. This includes the management of the local telephone company UTS, in the sale of SMS tickets using the draw the Wega di Number Kòrsou (WNK). This is stated in the  conclusion of a memorandum prepared by the Fundashon Wega di Number Kòrsou (FWNK) in February 2011 .

These statements supported the position of the late Member of Parliament Helmin Wiels and the Public Prosecutor wrote a letter to UTS reminding them of the memorandum. The Memorandum states that in correspondence between Robbie dos Santos Robbie ‘s Lottery and the management of FWNK (then Cesar Prince, ed ) clearly shows that “UTS through its local network plays a very important role in the processing and completion of the sale and offer the SMS lottery tickets in the WNK .”
This is specific lottery game  is fully operational on St. Maarten. It should be noted that Robbie’s Lottery has a main office  on St. Maarten and the company is under investigation.

The papertrail left by the late Helmin Weils showed that based on meeting with UTS and FWNK showed that the SMS tickets sales increased dramatically.
Even the time the SMS lottery game is played on St. Maarten goes against the law and offers unfair competion to other lottery companies.

A study conducted by the management of FWNK has shown that the procedure by which the technical communication process of the SMS lottery takes place and is completed within the network of UTS in Curaçao and Sint Maarten is not clear and not in accordance with the law.

The debate surrounding the SMS lottery is partly fueled by the first holder above, Robertico dos Santos. Trading under the name “Robbie ‘s Lottery” who received a license to operate the so called phone lotttery on 19 July, 1999 by the island government. WNK permit has some very specific conditions attached that the licensee is required to provide the FWNK regarding day sale .

An SOAB report on how the SMS ticket sales must be conducted was done in September 2008. This report was very clear on the procedures that have to be followed when the SMS ticket sales launched. However, those operating and selling the SMS lottery are not following the guidelines set down in its license.

Currently the local promotional campaign has increased greatly over the years on behalf of the licensee WNK (Dos Santos , ed) this mode of selling the numbers of WNK may be linked to a very agressive marketing strategy.

The licensee said WNK repeatedly wrote letters and insisted on the part of the management of FWNK to adhere to the specific permit conditions.

There are no such license that gives WNK daily computer printouts of SMS tickets. No time payments are indicated instead of license fees and WNK Additional Lottery will evade the paying of sales tax.

According to his statement (Dos Santos , ed) is the sole representative of SMS sales WNK numbers by an organizer in St. Maarten.

From a letter of the then Prince FWNK director Dos Santos and his advisor Angel Gomez Osorio Loyens & Loeff, in August 2010, in which he gave an account of a conversation he had with the two men, that they have declared that – Robbie ‘s Lottery does not use the license issued on 19 July, 1999, this authorization is not operational in use by third party and is consequently not authorized to pay taxes on Curaçao.

From the explanations provided, one must conclude that you are, in no way responsible operating under the name Robbie’s Lottery in Curaçao with the organization and/or sale of the so-called SMS phone lottery on Curaçao by the UTS prepaid and/or postpaid calling cards offered. This is done by the company Smart Play SA in St. Maarten.

Both the Directorate of Finance with a copy according to the Minister of Economic Development SOAB at the Directorate of FWNK insisted on taking action .

However, it says in the statement: “In accordance with the existing laws and regulations, the board of FWNK in principle is responsible for supervising compliance with the foregoing. The primary responsibility rests with the Minister of Justice, supported by officials of Police Corps ,from servisio di Kontrol i Seguridat ( SKS ) and the Public Prosecution Service (OM). In this particular case it may not pay other taxes is the Tax falling under the Minister of Finance responsible for the control of a thing.”

The director of FWNK has in this or a signaling role and therefore there in November 2010 – before the publication of the statement – a letter to the then Minister of Justice, Elmer Wilsoe ( PS ), wrote that complaints about illegal sale of lotteries of the WNK , and asked here is to exercise more control.

In January 2011, another memorandum was sent to Wilsoe on a letter : ‘ Memorandum Addressing combat illegal sales number .

So far six persons are in custody and is expected to appear in court for the brutal murder of Helmin Wiels. The suspect are Elvis Kuwa aka Monster, Burney Konseca aka Nini, Carlos Pieter, D’Angelo Damascus aka Panchek, Monica Bergonje not in prison married to Monster The court cases are expected to be on the following dates April 16 May 21,22,23, 2013.

Click here to view the documents left by the late MP Helmin Wiels.

Bron: St. Martin Network News

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