TheGuardian | Rolling Stones play rock’n’roll diplomats in Cuba’s ‘biggest concert ever’

The band’s historic performance is about more than just music – it is expected to culturally reinforce the end of one of the world’s last cold war conflicts

The Rolling Stone arrive in Cuba: ‘Time changes everything.’

The Rolling Stone arrive in Cuba: ‘Time changes everything.’

Even before Keith Richards hits the first chord in Havana on Friday night, the Rolling Stones are on course to make musical history with a massive gig that aims to cement socialist Cuba’s opening to the capitalist world.

The free concert by one of the planet’s richest bands is expected to attract more than 200,000 diehard fans and curious spectators to a field outside the Ciudad Deportiva de la Habana baseball stadium for an event that may go on record as the biggest concert ever seen on the island.

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