OM | Investigation “Efeze” ongoing

Investigation "Efeze" ongoing

Investigation “Efeze” ongoing

PHILIPSBURG – The three suspects in the “Efeze investigation” (international firearms trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering) R.R (23), I.F. (55) and V.R. (81) had to appear in front of a judge of instruction today.

The Public Prosecutor requested that the suspects would would remand in custody for another eight (8) days in light of the ongoing investigation. The judge of instruction agreed to the prolonged custody of the three suspects.

Meanwhile a fourth suspect in this case, the man R.R. (27) has been questioned. R.R. is currently serving a jail sentence of 16 years at the Pointe Blanche prison for several attempted homicides.

Bron: Openbaar Ministerie Sint Maarten

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