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PB | State Secretary Knops arrives on Saba

After his arrival, State Secretary Knops met with former Commissioner Will Johnson (right) at the gazebo on the Museum grounds.

SABA—Caretaker State Secretary of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops arrived on Monday afternoon May 17 for a short visit.

Present at the airport to receive the State Secretary and his delegation were Island Governor Jonathan Johnson and Island Secretary Tim Muller. After his arrival, Knops went to Museum grounds in the Windwarside for an informal conversation with former Commissioner Will Johnson, prior to having dinner with the Executive Council.

On Tuesday morning, May 18, the State Secretary will go the waste management facility to see the improvements that have taken place there, make a boat trip to see Saba from the water and visit the Johan Cruijff Court where lights have been installed to enable people to play sports during the evening hours.

That same morning, the State Secretary will visit a goat farm and get an update from the invasive species specialists about the goat control project to remove free-roaming goats. Following an informal lunch with the Island Council, Knops will have a meeting with the Executive Council.

Caretaker State Secretary Raymond Knops arrived at Saba’s airport on Monday late afternoon where he was greeted by Island Governor Jonathan Johnson (left).
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A meeting is scheduled with the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) on Tuesday afternoon to talk about the crisis communication during the COVID-19 pandemic and Saba’s successful vaccination campaign.

The State Secretary will then meet the Saba Youth Council, which was recently installed. The Youth Council members will talk about their ideas with regard to sports, healthcare, education and Saba’s general development. On Tuesday late afternoon, Knops and his delegation will travel to St. Maarten.

Bron: Pressrelease Public Entity Saba

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