LaSicilia | Corallo hoofrolspeler in ‘Operazione Rouge et Noir

Aankomst Francesco Corallo in Rome na uitlevring door Sint Maarten

Rome – On Thursday, 17 August, he returned to Italy at the airport of Rome Fiumicino, escorted by agents of the Scip – International Police Cooperation Service of the Department of Public Security, Francesco Corallo, arrested in Saint Martin (Netherlands Antilles) On December 13, 2016, under the “Rouge et Noir” operation, together with his right arm Rudolf Theodoor Anna Baetsen.

Corallo, following the investigations carried out by S.C.I.C.O. Of the Guardia di Finanza in Rome with the co-ordination of the Scip, has been considered the promoter of a transnational criminal enterprise specializing in the recycling of large sums of money derived from the non-payment of tax on the proceeds of slot machines. The “Rouge et noir” operation, led by D.D.A. Of Rome, has allowed investigators to shed light on the systematic recycling of illegal proceeds realized through numerous transfers of money abroad in order to circumvent the payment of tax levies.

Aankomst Francesco Corallo in Rome na uitlevring door Sint Maarten

Specifically, fraudulent criminal association operations involved well-known people in the Italian political and economic world and earned more than 200 million euros in profit for the organization. After the formalities carried out at the Air Corps Police Offices in Fiumicino, Corallo, for which the terms of precautionary custody have expired in accordance with Italian law, will be subject to alternative measures to the detention of the domicile, the obligation Submission to the judicial police and the ban on expatriation.

Corallo will also be notified at the same time by the military of S.C.I.C.O. Of the Guardia di Finanza in Rome, numerous declarations of money seizure, current accounts, corporate quotas, movable and immovable property, even overseas sites, for an amount almost equivalent to the proceeds of illicit crime.

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  1. …en werd in Rome onmiddellijk vrijgelaten en heengezonden.
    Een onbegrijpelijk circus gedirigeerd door het OM en Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie.

  2. Welkom thuis.

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