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PBC | Regering Curaçao bedankt Rose Mary Allen

Persbureau Curacao WILLEMSTAD – De regering van Curaçao heeft antropologe Rose Mary Allen bedankt voor haar intensieve werk om het cultureel erfgoed van Curaçao in het licht te...

NOS | Derde verdachte opgepakt op Curaçao na moord op marechaussee

De politie van Curaçao heeft opnieuw een verdachte opgepakt voor de moord op een Nederlandse marechaussee, eind vorige maand. Het gaat om een 26-jarige bewoner van het...

ParadiseFM | Nederlander aangehouden in Colombia die wordt beschouwd als brein criminele drugsorganisatie

In Colombia is een Nederlander aangehouden die wordt beschouwd als het brein van een criminele drugsorganisatie. Dat meldt De Telegraaf. De man wordt verdacht van grootschalige handel...

ParadiseFM | Curaçao verwelkomde 53.970 verblijfsbezoekers in mei 2024

Het Curaçaose toerismebureau CTB is heel blij met de cijfers van afgelopen maand. In totaal kwamen bijna 54.000 verblijfstoeristen in mei naar ons eiland. Dat is een...

CC | Parliament to discuss Calmes’ proposal to ban same-sex marriage next week

WILLEMSTAD - The amendment proposed by MP Rennox Calmes to the Constitution of Curaçao to prohibit same-sex marriage will be discussed next week in a meeting of...

DH | Ottley to young men: ‘We are becoming our own worst enemy’

PHILIPSBURG--United People’s (UP) party Member of Parliament (MP) Omar Ottley has issued a passionate plea to the young men of St. Maarten, urging them to refrain from...
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DH | Residents angered by blocked beach access at Anse des Sables

HomeLandenSint MaartenDH | Residents angered by blocked beach access at Anse des Sables

MARIGOT–Inhabitants of Sandy Ground have demanded a fence that has closed off beach access at Residence Anse des Sables in Sandy Ground be removed, as all beaches on the French side are public.

A video of inhabitants arguing with Gendarmes taken by Radio St. Martin on Friday about the fence went viral. It was not clear when the fence, which has a gate opening in the centre with a combination lock, was installed but is thought to be about two weeks ago. The fence has already been removed a few times, but was reinstalled again.

On Saturday morning a demonstration was organised by inhabitants at the site to which Collectivité President Louis Mussington was invited to intervene and listen to the complaints. Some of the inhabitants gave their views. Also present were familiar activists and guardians of citizen rights CédricK André and Albert Blake from union UNI.T 978.

Mussington acknowledged straight-away on seeing the fence: “From what I see, that has to go. No beach is private.” Another fence at the other end of the Anse des Sables property prevents access to the Le Beach Hotel construction project. Protestors are also concerned that Le Beach Hotel appears to be modifying its waterfront area.

“We want your assurance that when Le Beach Hotel is finished we will have access to pass from here (Anse des Sables) all the way up to the cemetery, like we used to have in the past,” Blake told Mussington. “We don’t want this sort of segregation in our territory. We want this to be resolved in a peaceful way; otherwise, we have to go to another level.

“400 years of slavery and 160 years of freedom, we can’t continue accepting this craziness. Before the youngsters in Sandy Ground decide to take matters into their own hands, we want this resolved peacefully as quickly as possible.”

André added: “To me, it’s a form of apartheid being installed in St. Martin. That was in Africa and it ended. It’s not supposed to be in the Caribbean.”

Another demonstrator, Tony Parrondo, said denying locals access to beaches is nothing new. Attempts to fence off beaches have occurred in Baie Nettle and other areas. “It was never addressed by the former President of the Collectivité, and neither by the Aline Hanson presidency,” he said.

Mussington gave assurance that he will take up the matter with Service Urbanism and Direction de L’Environnment et de L’Aménagement et du Logement (DEAL).

Anse des Sables residents reportedly have complained about robberies and dogs fouling the beach.

Bron: Daily Herald

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  1. @ joop gewoon hun gang laten gaan en alle mooi stranden privatiseren. Denk je dat de aannemer stopt met bouwen? Kom nou. Prima mensen van Marigot kom op voor je rechten

  2. De familie vroegere ? BAARD studenten staan weer even te protesteren IK zou Zegen GA aan HET werk dan heb je geen tijd om een ondernemer dwars te zitten zodat er honderd personeels leden op straat komen te staan, hebben jullie dan je zin STAKKERS in de MIST.

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