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ParadiseFM | ‘Nederlandse bureaucratie onnodig belastend voor BES-eilanden’

De Caribische eilanden Bonaire, Sint-Eustatius en Saba klagen al lang over de bureaucratie die om de hoek komt kijken als ze geld van Nederland nodig hebben. Het...

ParadiseFM | Hevige brand in populaire snackbar ‘Lik je vingers’

De Curaçaose brandweer moest vanochtend met spoed uitrukken nadat ze een melding hadden gekregen van een brand midden in Saliña. Bij aankomst bleek dat de populaire snackbar...

ParadiseFM | Opnieuw arrestatie in zaak van ontvoerde ondernemer

De politie heeft gisteren een 21-jarige Curaçaose man gearresteerd. Hij is al de zevende opgepakte verdachte in de zaak rond de ontvoering van een ondernemer in Veeris...

ParadiseFM | Partij Vishon doet niet meer mee aan verkiezingen

De politieke partij Vishon doet niet mee aan de komende parlementsverkiezingen. Dat heeft de leider van de partij tegen Amigoe gezegd. Vishon deed in 2021 één keer...

ParadiseFM | Vrees voor tientallen doden bij ramp illegale goudmijn Venezuela

Autoriteiten in Venezuela houden rekening met tientallen doden door het instorten van een illegale mijn. In een afgelegen gebied van de Amazone werden talrijke gouddelvers bedolven. De burgemeester...

Telegraaf | Zeker 15 doden na instorten van illegale goudmijn in Venezuela

CARACAS - Door het instorten dinsdag van een illegale goudmijn in Venezuela zijn minstens vijftien mensen om het leven gekomen, zo maakte president Nicolás Maduro woensdag (lokale...
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ToM | Curaçao’s game-changing GCB portal comes swinging out of the gate

HomeMediaAlgemeen nieuwsToM | Curaçao’s game-changing GCB portal comes swinging out of the gate

Times of Malta | A revolutionary platform that marks a turning point
in Curaçao’s jurisdictional landscape – by Javier Silvania

Javier Silvania

I am delighted to be here in Malta for SiGMA’s record-breaking flagship event. Over the coming days myself and the Curaçao team will be celebrating the remarkable success of the new GCB Portal, a revolutionary platform that marks a turning point in Curaçao’s jurisdictional landscape.

The online portal is available at portal.gamingcontrolcuracao.org.

This portal, which opened for account registration on November 1st and will start accepting applications on November 15 has already made a significant impact. In under two weeks, nearly 100 companies have created accounts with the regulator. Although Curaçao is one of the oldest gambling jurisdictions, this is in effect a rebirth and we have certainly hit the ground running. Things are moving very quickly, and I encourage all Curacao operators and stakeholders to do the same. Our team will be at booth 1068 for the entirety of the show, ready to provide information and answer any questions.

I firmly believe that Curacao’s evolution is good for the entire industry. In an era defined by digital connectivity and borderless online gaming, it is imperative to uphold consistent standards that transcend geographical boundaries. Curacao recognizes the need to align its regulations with international standards, codes of conduct, and industry best practices.

We remain steadfast in our unwavering commitment to cooperation and fostering close relationships with our global counterparts. By collaborating with and alongside other jurisdictions, we cultivate a harmonized environment and ensure a level playing field for operators and suppliers, all while safeguarding the interests of players and improving and preserving the integrity of the gaming industry as a whole.

It is a pivotal time as Curacao shifts from being a mere hub for offshore gambling companies to a jurisdiction of repute and for the first time a country that truly reaps the rewards of its own gambling industry. This momentous occasion signifies a significant shift in the fortunes of the economy.

For the first time, we are poised to grant direct licenses to operators while centralizing control under the watchful eye of the regulator. It marks the beginning of substantial funds flowing into our government’s coffers, rather than the private sector and is a milestone that heralds a bright future filled with opportunities for employment, training, and tangible benefits for the nation.

Bron: Times of Malta

Naschrift KKC

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Overzicht: het Curacao Goksector dossier

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  1. E minister aki ta inkreibel! E 5 masterlicentiehouders ta paga te ahinda pa nan vergunning Fls.10.000,= pa luna (te ahinda,tanten) i esun ku a inskorbi nobo awor na november 2023, ta paga 1 bia Fls. 36.000,= i Fls. 7.000.= pa luna. Kon rason ku asina tanto online gokbedrijven nan a inskirbi pa hanja un vergunning. Si ta esaki so lokual nan tin di paga, sigur, nan no por laga di hasiele. I kon leu e minister i su gok controle machine ta kaba pa kontrola e gok opbrengst/ verdienst,afdragen van belasting? I kiko e ta bai hasi ku e aumento di gokverslaafden, e tin algun instansia kaba pa esaki? Kon e ta bai hasi esei?I kon e ta bai logra ku tur ku a hanja vergunning i ta opera/ta bai opera, ta paga belasting i ta emplea hende lokal? Kon e por pronk kaba den buitenland mes,na Malta mes,ku algo ku ni sikiera e a logra di keda kla te pa duna vergunning kaba? Waw! esaki si ta un logro. Pronk ku gebakken lucht tot nu toe!!

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