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CC | Second Chamber to decide on Curaçao-Malta tax treaty within 30 days

THE HAGUE – The Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament will make a decision within thirty days on parliamentarian Gwendell Mercelina’s motion regarding the approval of the tax treaty between Curaçao and Malta.

This was stated by Minister of Foreign Affairs Hanke Bruins Slot (CDA) in a letter to the Speaker of the Second Chamber.

Additionally, Slot mentions that she is in discussion with Curaçao and is submitting the treaties for approval to the First and Second Chambers.

Mercelina believes that the process is taking too long and that the approval of the tax treaty with Malta is proceeding slowly. He also calls on the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom to ensure that tax treaties of Curaçao are approved in an appropriate manner and without unnecessary hindrances.

The tax treaty with Malta was sent to the Second Chamber in mid-March 2023. The treaty aims to prevent double taxation between the two countries. Curaçao has autonomy in negotiating tax treaties as long as the interests of the Kingdom are not compromised, but the Netherlands still needs to ratify the tax treaties for Curaçao.

Bron: Curacao Chronicle

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