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Telegraaf | ’Vakantie naar Aruba en Curaçao mag ook weer’

Yteke de Jong en Koen Nederhof AMSTERDAM - Het reisadvies voor Aruba en Curaçao gaat op geel. Dat bevestigt het Arubaanse bureau voor Toerisme. Eerder deze week werd...

Democracy now! | Friday, May 14, 2021

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Democracy Now!’s War and Peace Report provides our audience with...

Extra | Journaal 14 mei 2021

Elke werkdag het laatste nieuws van Extra, nu ook in het Nederlands. Bron: Extra

ParadiseFM | MFK en PNP slaan gesprek COHO af

De coalitiepartijen MFK en PNP willen niet met Knops in gesprek over het COHO. Dat zegt PNP-leider Ruthmilda Larmonie in de Amigoe. Al eerder gaf de nieuwe...

ParadiseFM | Laatste kans om tweede Pfizer prik te krijgen

Dit weekend is de laatste kans om een tweede Pfizer vaccinatie te krijgen. Dat kan alleen nog aanstaande zondag tussen twaalf en vijf ‘s middags bij het...

ParadiseFM | “Akkoord met Corc nog deze maand”

Refeneria di Korsou (RDK) en potentiële nieuwe uitbater Corc zijn er bijna uit. Ze verwachten deze maand nog tot een akkoord te komen. Dat schrijft het Antilliaans...
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ItalianInsider | IFAD top lawyer ‘suspended’ as Tribunal slams ‘malevolence’

HomeMediaAlgemeen nieuwsItalianInsider | IFAD top lawyer 'suspended' as Tribunal slams 'malevolence'

Curacao lawyer Rutsel Martha suspended

ROME– IFAD Director General Kanayo Nwanze has suspended the UN agency’s General Counsel, Rutsel Martha, after adverse labour tribunal rulings cost some dlrs 1 million, IFAD sources say.

Martha, a former legal advisor of Interpol, was apparently suspended as a scapegoat amid increasing concern over the cost of payments by the famine-fighting agency for employment tribunal judgements, the sources say. The cost and nature of the judgements have attracted criticism from donor governments as Nwanze starts a controversial second four year term at the helm of the troubled agency.

An IFAD spokesperson declined to confirm or deny the suspension of Martha, saying in response to an enquiry by Italian Insider it is IFAD policy not to comment on staffing matters.

IFAD has been at the centre of scandal for some time now and the suspension of Rutsel Martha came after the International Labor Organisation Administrative Tribunal (ILOAT) lashed out at IFAD for refusing to pay out after loosing a landmark unfair dismissal case.

A tribunal judgement rendered public in Geneva on Feb.6 ordered IFAD to pay Venezualan employee Ana Theresa Saez Garcia hundreds of thousands of euros in compensation following her unfair dismissal last year. However, IFAD is still attempting to revoke all responsability and are refusing to pay out any money. This led to the accusation by ILOT that “by acting in disregard of res judicata, IFAD not only ignored its duty, but also behaved towards the complainant with a bad faith ill-fitting an international organisation”.

The tribunal goes on; “At every stage of the procedure the Fund constantly raised futile or unwarranted objections, procrastinated and even acted with deliberate malevolence”.

The dismissal of Garcia was closely followed by the departure of Christian Mersmann, the respected head of the UN’s Global Mechanism combating desertification. UN sources said that he was sacked by the “erratic and tyrannical” President Nwanze with just 2 days notice.

The source told the Insider that a recent staff survey revealed an alarmingly low level of morale within IFAD. It also showed a startling lack of confidence in the institution’s leadership, which critics say is riddled with cronyism.

Bron ItalianInsider

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