VaticanNews | UN predicting further exodus of people from Venezuela

By James Blears

Bare shelves are seen at a local shop in Caracas

A senior United Nations Official is predicting that by the end of next year, more than five million Venezuelans will have fled their country, which is in the depths of an historic economic crisis and being battered by hyper inflation.

The grim warning comes from Eduardo Stein, who`s the Special Representative for the UN Agency for Refugees and Migration Agencies. 2.3 million Venezuelans have fled since the Country`s economic crisis started to really bite deep in 2015. And an estimated 3.3 million are now living abroad in 16 nations, mostly in those neighboring Venezuela. Stein starkly says: “We`re facing a humanitarian earthquake.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blames an international conspiracy, spearheaded by Washington which has imposed harsh economic sanctions. While critics counter by saying distasterous policies in Venezuela, which has the World`s largest proven oil reserves is the real culprit.

Chronic shortages of food and basic necessities are hammering Venezuela`s economy, which is suffering massive inflation hits, making daily life an intolerably harsh struggle, with thousands of Venezuelans leaving their country on a daily basis.

Bron: Vatican News

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