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PBC | Oplossing voor wachtlijst bij CMC

Persbureau Curacao WILLEMSTAD – De Inspectie voor de Volksgezondheid heeft ingegrepen in de problematiek van de wachttijden voor operatiepatiënten. Met ingang van maandag 5 juni een wordt een...

PBC | ‘Psychiaters in dienst bij Klinika Capriles zitten ver onder de inkomensnorm van de LNT’

Persbureau Curacao WILLEMSTAD – Psychiaters in dienst bij Klinika Capriles/GGz Curacao verdienen niet een veelvoud van het maximum, dat is vastgesteld in de nieruwe Wet Normering Topinkomens, LNT....

PBC | Eerste kwartaal 2023 ziet honderden onbeantwoorde brieven aan ministers

Persbureau Curacao WILLEMSTAD – Tijdens het eerste kwartaal van 2023 zijn er maar liefst 181 brieven, afkomstig van Statenleden en gericht aan ministers, onbeantwoord gebleven. Minister van Algemene...

PBC | Regering Curaçao zoekt 650 miljoen om pensioenen ENNIA te redden

Persbureau Curacao WILLEMSTAD – Er is zeker 650 miljoen nodig om de pensioenen van ENNIA te redden. De regering van Curaçao heeft besloten op zoek te gaan naar...

PBC | Uitspraak in hoger beroep tegen Ansary uitgesteld

Persbureau Curacao WILLEMSTAD.- Halverwege deze maand kondigt het Gemeenschappelijk Hof de datum van de uitspraak aan in de zaak die de Centrale Bank/ENNIA tegen Ansary & Co hebben...

PBC | Rojer wil in Parijs revanche op Spelen

Persbureau Curacao PARIJS – Jean-Julien Rojer wil zich volgend jaar op de Olympische Spelen revancheren. Twee jaar geleden liepen de Spelen van Tokio op een grote teleurstelling uit,...
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UOC | Anti-Mafia probe leads to three online gambling companies ending own licenses

HomeMediaAlgemeen nieuwsUOC | Anti-Mafia probe leads to three online gambling companies ending own...

By Thomas McCoy | USA Online Casino

Leaderbet/LB casino is now only licensed by Cyberluck (Curacao Egaming) and continues to run its operations through trustoffice Global Related Services, run by mrs Gouloud Hammoud, as if no maffia investigations are underway | CalvinAyre

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) lead an investigation concerning Mafia activity that involves its Italian license holders. And, as a result, three businesses are “unilaterally terminating their own licenses,” according to Malta Today. The following casinos all voluntarily gave up their licenses: Potterbet (Potter Mrc Ltd.), Betent.com (Betent Group Ltd.), and Giodani (Giodani Ltd.).

It was confirmed these organizations gave up their legal rights to provide gaming and gambling services for reasons that are currently unknown. But, it is apparent that these groups did not want to be questioned by the gaming authority.

The MGA also recently confirmed that LB Casino canceled its gaming license as well, which is Leaderbet’s parent company. Several sources spoke with Malta Today and stated LB Casino has been using Malta operations for money laundering in Italy. It currently has a Curacao license as well and still conducts business as if no criminal investigations are underway.

Shame for the MGA?

The MGA is embarrassed by the barrage of investigations by the Italian police that have revealed Mafia-connected companies licensed by Malta.

The agency was motivated to launch an investigation after the arrest of Benedetto Bacchi, also known as the “King of Betting.” Bacchi’s Phoenix International was connected to 700 betting stores that were operating illegally. Bacchi was working with Palermo Cosa Nostra to run the betting shops. Phoenix, along with B2875, its subsidiary, has a Malta license. The “shops” Bacchi was running were registered “data-transmission centers” and terminals were used to connect a number of online gaming sites, including Bsport24.com, B2875.com, and B28sport.com. All were owned by Phoenix International.

This is the fourth investigation in almost three years and has been very detrimental to MGA’s reputation.

The Parliament Defense

A few weeks ago, there were a number of questions posed to the Maltese government in regard to how effective MGA regulations are. Partit Demokratiku MP Godfrey Farrugia also accused the regular of persistent failures of due diligence.

Joseph Muscat, prime minister of Malta, also asserted,“among the (new) initiatives undertaken by the Authority are the strengthening of the due diligence department through increased human and technical resources.” The prime minister added there have been significant changes in the process of due diligence because of the increased interaction with agencies around the world and the accumulation of intelligence on people and companies, as well as specialized training. He confirmed independent audits have been conducted, along with money laundering checks and financing for terrorist activity.

Joseph Cuschieri, executive chairman of Malta Gaming Authority, told Agimeg, a gaming news outlet in Italy, that the regulations for gaming companies in the country will soon be stricter because of the recent reports.

Cuschieri said the MGA has very stringent rules that are clear and easy to understand. He said the agency launches immediate investigations each time authorities in Italy report any type of suspicious activity within a gaming company, even though the MGA doesn’t like to get the judiciary or police involved. He stated the MGA cooperates with authorities in Italy regularly and that the police force and MGA have mutual respect.

GamblingCompliance, the foremost website for gambling intelligence, stated the investigation by the MGA concerning gaming licenses for Italy is only the first stage in the crackdown to eliminate illegal activity.

An unnamed official in Malta has also confirmed there are problems with Italians who manage less than 10 of the 200 gaming licenses in the country. The official also stated that Italy has a risky reputation and often deals with scandals between the mafia and Italian business owners.

Thomas McCoyhttps://muckrack.com/thomas-mccoy-1
Thomas McCoy was born in Bethesda, Maryland and studied finance at the Kogod School of Business at American University in Washington D.C. before heading to New York and a job as a forex trader on Wall Street. Successful enough to launch his own, online forex trading platform, Thomas has long had a keen interest in the places where the worlds of finance and technology meet. As a prolific blogger, Thomas considers himself an expert on cryptocurrencies, casino asset restructuring, and emerging technologies set to change the way people do business.

Bron: USAOnlineCasino

Naschrift KKC

Leaderbet/LB casino is illegally sublicensed by Curacao Egaming and continues to run its operations through trustoffice Global Related Services and G-Force Corporate Services, managed by ms. Gouloud Hammoud and supervised by ex- premier Stanley Betrian, as if no maffia investigations are underway
Licenseholder Curacao Egaming/Cyberluck is managed by its directors Angelique Snel-Guttenberg and Hans Minnaar. By law and license, Curacao licenseholders are not allowed  to sublicense Egaming licenses, yet continue to do so
Curacao Egaming / Cyberluck staat geregistreerd op de Hugenholzweg UTS gebouw
It is now licensed in Curacao and continues to run its operations as though nothing had happened
It is now licensed in Curacao and continues to run its operations as though nothing had happened.
ONMF Absloute N.V. is registrated in Curacao and operated by LB Group Ltd
ONMF Absloute N.V. is registrated in Curacao via director Global Related Services

Update 31 december 2019:

Zie ook Casino | Three online gambling operators quit Malta over MGA anti-mafia investigation

De illegaliteit van Curacaose Egaming sublicenties is door Knipselkrant Curacao op 8 juni 2018 aangetoond, en door de BBC op 7 augustus 2019 vastgelegd in een driedelige reportage.

De Cyberluck Egaming sublicentie aan ONMF Absolute B.V., die o.a. de domeinnamen www.colmarbet.com, www.flybet365.win, www.vsport24.com en www.gioca1x2.net opereert, is per 16 maart 2018 opgeschort. De kvk registratie van ONMF Absolute B.V. en directeur Global Related Services B.V. (gemanaged door G-Force Corporate Services B.V.) is per 19 maart 2018 opgeheven.

Cyberluck heeft recentelijk de Egaming website www.gioca1x2.net opnieuw gesublicentieerd aan Riotagaming B.V. onder de directie van Xecutive Corporate Management B.V.

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