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SMN | Colombia the new hub to recruit sex workers since visa waiver

 “Lucky Shot” busy recruiting underage women to work as waitresses

Colombia the new hub to recruit sex workers since visa waiver
Colombia the new hub to recruit sex workers since visa waiver

PHILIPSBURG:— SMN News received two phone calls on Monday  from two adults in Colombia who wanted to know if there is any restaurant or club by the name of “Lucky Shot” on St. Maarten.

The two adults said that since the Minister of Foreign Relations of the Kingdom and Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs announced that they have decided to waive the visa requirements for Columbians travelling to Curacao and St. Maarten several businessmen from St. Maarten are contacting young women to come to the island to work as waitresses.

One of the adults that called SMN News said that he read a lot about St. Maarten and he knows that St. Maarten have some ‘bad’ places for young women and while his friend was contacted to come and work as a waitress he is very much concerned that she is being trapped.

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When SMN News asked the male who called on behalf of his friend to provide us with the name or names of the persons that contacted the underage woman, the name of a prominent businessman that runs several exotic clubs were given.

It is clear from the phone calls SMN News received that owners of sex clubs have decided to venture out to Colombia to seek sex workers instead of the Dominican Republic and other countries where they have to go through the lengthy and costly visa procedure.

Bron: SMN-News


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  1. The ladies who serve in the bars are in fact prostitutes. All the islands import them from Venezuela and Colombia for three months. For decades a brisk trade exists. They are medically examined before being obliged to earn their daily bread on their backs. The circumstances under which they have to live are often deplorable. The various governments of the islands want to protect their own women, but apparently not foreign women. We wonder why prostitution exists. Apparently men are forever looking for sexual variation and excitement. And if they pay a lot of money for the ladies and the consumptions, the bar owners are the winners. It is an economic situation, supply and demand. If you nothing to offer in the field of professional qualifications but your own stunning exterior, what is a girl to do? It is the oldest profession in the world and economically it is clearly important. But on the islands the lodging of these ladies should be improved where necessary. Guidelines for humane treatment and acceptable hygienic housing and adequate comfort should be realized and maintained. And of course there exist all kinds of (in)discrete streetwalking zones. Salvation is at hand. Renée van Aller&John de Vries.

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