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logo-daeBlanchard you went on TV on Radio and send to the media a statement drafted by your PR insulting me and try to throw in a wall of smoke ,claiming that I blame our failures and poor service on others .
I will answer your PR campaign in due time via Media and Courts.
But I would like to first make something clear to You.
DAE is Your Customer.
If I am not mistaken, Your second Largest and most important customer.
DAE has paid CAP from January 2012 till today over $1,300,000 US Dollars.
DAE is also the second airline in numbers of passengers at Hato.
Our customers that pay a high facility fee and transfer fee produces for CAP income when they buy anything at their captive shopping center, all this calculated at millions of dollars.
DAE, as all airlines servicing Hato, has seen its fees for landing and parking double.
Our customers, yes Blanchard those passengers who goes through your overcharged and  undervalued airport facilities are our customers.
The airlines’ customers, not yours, We have seen your “facility fees” increase to almost $40.
The transfer fee that a passenger pays through the HUB more than doubled from $2 to $5.
WE the airlines and our customers are paying for a mediocre service and facility and we have the right to demand and when in private we are answered with stupid excuses, we will do it publicly and legally.
Rest assure that I will make you comply with our demands.

Several months ago, CAP surprised all airlines serving Hato with an un-consulted, unjustifiable increase.
IATA and ALTA. the main airline associations in this area which groups over 300 airlines, attacked and protested those increases publicly.
All the airlines, international and local, mobilized.
Meetings with the new installed government of Curaçao were held by IATA,  ALTA and the other Local Airline to try to stop the increases.
We were asked by CAP to participate in a meeting where they were suppose to explain to the IATA & ALTA mission which visited the island and to all the airlines that serves this mediocre and shameful airport.
The meeting was a show of arrogance to the point that CAP refused IATA & ALTA to make their presentation that would have established why they were claiming HATO is the second most expensive airport in the area and that this charges were not  justifiable due to the poor facility and the poor service rendered.
We were presented with numbers and investments which was an insult to all of us since your team headed by your Finance Director could not justify the funds collected, the poor or nil investments made, the formulas of non existing calculations and those surprised increases.
No one in that room believed in your pathetic show but we all agreed that Curaçao has the worse managed airport and the funds collected from the airlines and our customers are not invested in the facilities.
The reason has a simple answer, you and the airport owner are not properly over sighted by a Government independent body.
Till this is achieved by law, we the airlines and our customers are at the mercy of an arrogant operator interested only in making profit for their overseas owners that justified its lack of investment, who thinks that an Airport Concession is just a fat cow to squeeze out the dollars paid by airlines and their customers.
Hato is Curaçao’s only airport, our doors to the world.
Due to a clause in the Management Agreement, Hato must reach 1,800,000 passengers before CAP makes any investment.
Then Blanchard wait till your mediocre overcharged airport reaches 1,800,000 passengers to start charging those high none justifiable fees.

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Your poor arrogant comment;

“if he does not like it he can leave”

, is the most stupid naive comment I have listen to in my over 25 years in this business of which 3 years were at the Board of Governors of IATA where I found myself defending the Industry from TUGS like You.
Blanchard, CAP does not own HATO not even Airport Holding has the right to make such a stupid statement.
DAE is NOT going anywhere but HATO.
Ramiz is not going anywhere but Curaçao and you Damn right I will demand service.
I will demand respect to our airline and to our employees.
Equal treatment for our airline and for our customers.
We will start in the coming weeks with legal actions on different fronts  and I am sure you and your pathetic groups of paid motivated speakers will continue attacking me and DAE in the press. I and DAE employee will demand the right to reply in any radio stations or news paper that your paid speakers or you do.
But don’t think for a minute that we don’t know how to deal with arrogant thugs like you and your group.
I don’t have to justify the quality of DAE’s service  to you or any one of your management.
We know our gaps in service.
We are making the necessary investments in equipment, in  training of our staff and bringing in consultants to help us in a well thought action plan to improve our operation at HATO or HUB and try do deal and do the best we can in your mediocre Airport.
We have to and we do apologies to our customers when we fail our mission.
Only to our customers, not to you.
BUT You do and must not only justify your poor service but your poor or nil investment of the monies collected from us at the monopoly that you are managing on behalf of the Citizens of Curaçao.
DAE will continue being a critical  and demanding customer to CAP and its poor management.
Its lack of investment will continue be questioned by us.
Its misuse of the monies collected will be scrutinized  publicly and the courts.
I will  continue being myself open and strait, I will demand from you and anyone respect to DAE.
I have that right, I have my own money invested in DAE.
DAE today employed close to 400 employees that have the right to demand respect and the right to work at HATO.
Don’t think that your sabotage actions will make us shut up.
If you do, you don’t know  Ramiz and most certainly you don’t know the will, the perseverance and the guts of the DAE Team.

Nelson Ramiz Sr

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