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PB | Pinnacle Sports to accept $1,000,000 bets on World Cup final

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Pinnacle Sports to accept $1,000,000 bets on World Cup final

Pinnacle Sports take World Cup betting to the limit by accepting mammoth bets of $1million on the 2014 final in Rio.

(Willemstad, Curaçao) Fancy a bet on the World Cup Final? How about staking $1million? That is the staggering bet limit on offer at leading online bookmaker, Pinnacle Sports for Sunday’s match in Rio between Argentina and Germany.­

The Curaçao based operation’s incredible limits offer high-rolling bettors the ultimate edge-of-the-seat thrill for the climax of a tournament that has already provided unprecedented excitement.

Odds %Chance Return on $1million bet
Argentina 2.41 41% 2,410,000
Germany 1.65 61% 1,650,000

As staggering as those World Cup final limits are, bettors with deep-enough pockets can actually bet that maximum amount over and over again. And should those monster bets pay off, Pinnacle Sports’ unique Winners Welcome policy means they can return to bet unrestricted.

Even for a wholesale bookmaker that specialises in offering high limits, and unbeatable odds, the benchmark for the climax of the World Cup in Brazil breaks new ground. And according to Pinnacle Sports’ Marketing Director, Aly Lalani, these limits are no publicity stunt either.

“Our $1million World Cup final limits aren’t hype, we fully expect existing players to test them to the max. And for all other high-rollers out there looking for sky-high liquidity and the best potential return for the World Cup final, Pinnacle Sports really are your only serious choice.”

Though Pinnacle Sports has an unrivalled reputation among serious gamblers, minimum bets of just $1 show they are just as happy taking small wagers, as they are mammoth $1million punts.

Watch this video to learn more about Pinnacle Sports’ $1million World Cup betting limits.

*odds subject to change

**maximum limits available on gameday

About Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle Sports was established in 1998, and since that time has been offering bettors a unique alternative to other bookmakers. Our gimmick-free approach simply focuses on offering the best odds, and highest betting limits for every market we provide, so bettors win more compared to the competition.

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