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PAR wants independent investigation into VDC

De Jongh-Elhage
PAR wants independent investigation into VDC

WILLEMSTAD — During their existence of 50+ years, the Intelligence Service has never experienced an information leak nor was it ever abused as political instrument, says PAR-leader and State member Emily de Jongh-Elhage. According to her, the leaks on the Intelligence Service Curaçao (VDC) prove an independent investigation is necessary.

If the government doesn’t agree, the PAR will seek assistance within the Kingdom and internationally.

The press report from the PAR-leader follows the reply from Premier Gerrit Schotte (MFK) on the leaking of a report from the IT-operator from VDC. In this report to the Ombudswoman Alba Martijn, the IT-operator states he was put under pressure by the director of the Intelligence Service and by order of Premier Schotte to release confidential security data to Columbian authorities and unauthorized third parties.

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In an initial response to the publications, Schotte lashed out at the media who had reported on this case and stated the accusations were untrue. The PAR-leader thinks Schotte’s reply was poor, inadequate and unacceptable.

Considering the seriousness of this matter and the consequences of such for Curaçao, the PAR-leader states an official investigation into the involvement of all actors is necessary. This investigation is to reveal the truth and result in concrete actions.

“If the Schotte-cabinet – in particular the Premier and the Minister of Justice – will not arrange this investigation then the PAR will make sure an investigation is conducted.”

The PAR requested an independent investigation through their letter to Schotte, in which the yellow party elaborates on the various violations of law that have now become clear after the leaks last week. In the letter, which is yet to be published, the PAR-leader states the PAR will take actions if an investigation from the government in this matter remains forthcoming.

In the past period, Schotte is guilty of constantly attacking institutes that are to protect and guarantee the democracy of Curaçao, according to De Jongh-Elhage. She refers to ‘judicial judgments that were not executed, attacks on the VDC and the Central Bank, not adopting Soab-advice and silencing the opposition in the parliament’.

“As a result, Curaçao is left without protection and trust. Our autonomy is in danger and our democracy has been destroyed.”

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Our only hope, according to the PAR, lies with the consensus Statutes, which Schotte and his cabinet cannot touch. Political party Laboral is also concerned about the latest developments at the VDC.

The party, which is not represented in the States at this moment, states that the leaks on the VDC inflict severe damage to the island. This is not good, says Laboral-leader Errol Goeloe.

The Intelligence Service should have a good and honorable reputation. He therefore urges the government to deal with this matter seriously.


Bron: Amigoe

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