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Telefraaf | Oranjes beschilderen geen Chichi op Curaçao: ’Karikatuur van zwarte vrouw’

Controversieel moment uit kennismaking Amalia geschrapt | Wouter de Winther Volgens de kunstenares verbeeldt het beeld de oudste zuster uit een gezin in de traditionele familiestructuur op Curaçao....

Democracy now! | Friday, February 3, 2023

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Democracy Now!’s War and Peace Report provides our audience...

Nu.cw | Pietermaai krijgt LED-verlichting

De straten van Pietermaai worden aanstaande zondag voorzien van LED-verlichting. Aqualectra zal de nieuwe lantaarns installeren tussen 8.00 uur ‘s ochtends en 16.00 uur ‘s middags. Onder andere...
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Nu.cw | Kaasdieven opgepakt in Sambil

De politie heeft donderdag twee kaasdieven aangehouden in Sambil. De Extra meldt dat het tweetal opviel nadat ze supermarkt Carrefour verlieten. De beveiliging gaf aan dat de personen...

Nu.cw | Bonaire in Ik Vertrek-uitzending

Het stel Nicole en Manuel wordt in het Nederlandse televisieprogramma Ik Vertrek gevolgd in hun emigratie naar Bonaire. Donderdag werd de eerste van de twee afleveringen uitgezonden...

PBC | Chris Richards in Swim for the Roses

Persbureau Curacao WILLEMSTAD – Komende zondag doet Chris Richards mee aan de Swim for the Roses van Zanzibar Jan Thiel naar Mambo Beach BLVD. De welbekende duiker mist...

PBC | Fundashon Museo Tula-voorzitter Jeanne Henriquez vraagt koning de stilte te verbreken

Persbureau Curacao Willemstad – Jeanne Henriquez, voorzitter van Fundashon Museo Tula, heeft na haar toespraak vanmorgen, een persoonlijke vraag gesteld aan koning Willem-Alexander om op 1 juli 2023...
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DH | Aggressive man jailed for robbery, mistreatment, attempted burglary

PHILIPSBURG–A 25-year-old man with severe aggression problems was sent to prison for six years on Wednesday, after the judge in the Court of First Instance found him guilty of armed robbery, mistreatment and (attempted) burglary.

The court found it proven that Kenrick Kelvin Patricio Brooks had robbed a bus driver of some money and had stabbed the man in his face and chest in the vicinity of Mullet Bay on October 1, 2021. The driver had to be treated in hospital where he received some stitches.

Brooks was also convicted of mistreatment of a person at John Cooper Jose Lake Sr. Ballpark on L.B. Scott Road on November 30, 2021.

In addition, he was charged with a break-in at a home on Peterson Drive and allegedly had stolen electronic devices, among them a PlayStation with games, an Apple MacBook, two tablets and two remote controls, with an estimated total value of US $2,200, on September 29, 2021. On May 4, 2019, he had tried to break into Joshua Rose guesthouse on Back Street.

Brooks, who confessed to the judge that he had difficulty keeping his aggression under control, told the judge that the bus driver owed him $2,000, which he had never paid back.

As to the incident at the ballpark, he said he had mistreated this person for accusing him of selling drugs, an accusation which he vehemently denied. He was angry and aggressive and dealt this person some blows. The victim, who was on his way home from school, was robbed of his backpack and shoes,

“I always have aggression in me. If something triggers me, I’m going to punch,” he explained to the judge.

He denied he had taken anything from the home on Peterson Drive, which was owned by the family who had provided for him and had looked after him.

Brooks has been housed at Mental Health Foundation (MHF) since March 2022, where he resides voluntarily and undergoes training and counselling to deal with his aggression problems.

As to the attempted guesthouse break-in, Brooks stated that he was pressured to commit the burglary by a man he knew only as “O.T.”, who had threatened him at gunpoint. “I decided to go along, because I did not want to die,” he told the judge.

Nothing came of the break-in, as Brooks was caught by the guesthouse owner’s brother, who handed him over to the police.

The Prosecutor’s Office considered all charges proven, but only found the misappropriation of stolen property in the house break-in proven.

The prosecutor called for a six-year prison sentence. She firmly held it against the defendant that he had attacked and stabbed a bus driver on the public road. “In doing so, he has harmed society and the image of St. Maarten, and put the island’s economy and prosperity at risk,” she said.

Attorney Shaira Bommel, who found the prosecutor’s demand “rather high”, pleaded for her client’s full acquittal where the home burglary was concerned, for lack of evidence. The lawyer pleaded for a fully suspended sentence because her client “is doing very well” at MHF and should be able to continue his behavioural change and aggression replacement therapy. Bommel recommended mandatory treatment at MHF in a closed-door setting, with guidance by the Probation Service.

The judge found all charges proven, including the fencing of stolen property in the home burglary, which was offered to a pawnshop on Front Street. A six-year penalty was warranted considering the severity of the crimes, the judge said. Brooks was also ordered to pay $1,619 in damages to the victims of the home burglary. In case of non-compliance, he will have to sit an additional 38 days.

He has 14 days to file an appeal.

Bron: Daily Herald

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