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CC | Temporary committee HNO determined to uncover the truth about the new hospital

HomeNieuwsGezondheidCC | Temporary committee HNO determined to uncover the truth about the...

WILLEMSTAD – The Temporary Committee Hospital Nobo Otrobanda of the Parliament of Curaçao is determined to find out how the decision-making process unfolded in the construction of the new hospital.

Over the next few months, documents will be studied, and those involved will be heard to uncover the truth. Additionally, two public meetings and a survey will be conducted to gauge the public’s opinion on the work of the Temporary Committee HNO.

It is still relevant to understand how the decision-making around the arrival of the new hospital in Otrobanda unfolded. A majority of the Parliament of Curaçao believed this in 2018. At that time, the parliament decided to exercise the right to investigate (inquiry). The Temporary Committee HNO was established for this purpose. The investigative tasks of the Temporary Committee HNO were divided into five specific themes, including the decision to build the hospital in a different location. It also examines how decision-making within the government unfolded and the transition from the old to the new hospital.

The Temporary Committee HNO consists of six parliamentarians from the six factions currently in the States. They are Michelangelo Martinez, Rennox Calmes, Gwendell Mercelina, Ana-Maria Pauletta, Giselle McWilliam, and Chairman Eduard Braam. A team of specialists supports the committee. Three scientific researchers sift through the documents and, together with the members of the Temporary Committee HNO, determine who needs to be interviewed.

There is also an advisory group at work providing advice to the Temporary Committee HNO. The advisory group consists of Arjan Vliegenthart (director of Nibud), Professor Dr. Marcel Levi (chairman of NWO), Professor Mr. Lodewijks Rogier (an expert in constitutional and administrative law), and health economist and epidemiologist Professor Eline Altenburg – Van den Broek.

The citizens of Curaçao are also involved in the investigation. After all, it involves community funds that were spent to build the hospital. They have the opportunity to voice their opinions on December 2, 2023, during two meetings. One in the morning in the multifunctional hall in Barber. For the people of Bandariba, there is an afternoon meeting in the community center of Montaña.

In addition, a questionnaire (survey) has been prepared where everyone in Curaçao can give their opinion on the work of the Temporary Committee HNO. The QR code for the questionnaire is attached. You can also use the link below to access the questionnaire. The Temporary Committee HNO hopes to have the final report ready in March/April 2024.

Bron: Curacao Chronicle

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  1. The truth is : this committee and an advisory group were appointed so a bunch of political friends can collect and fill their pockets.

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