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Extra | Journaal 23 februari 2024

Elke werkdag het laatste nieuws van Extra, nu ook in het Nederlands. Bron: Extra

NTR | Curaçao bouwt extra windmolens, ‘straks 70 procent schone energie’

Oscar van Dam Welk land binnen ons Koninkrijk draait als eerste op 70 procent groene energie? Curaçao belooft die strijd te gaan winnen in 2030. Zes ministers en verschillende...

CC | HNO Committee not in line with Public Prosecutor’s report

WILLEMSTAD - The parliamentary inquiry committee Hospital Nobo Otrobanda does not align with the decision to file a report with the Public Prosecutor. Yesterday, it was announced...

DH | Governor receives first 19 of hundreds of National Decrees for justice workers

PHILIPSBURG--Caretaker Minister of Justice Anna Richardson sent out a press release on Thursday, an hour before midnight, stating that the Cabinet of Governor Ajamu Baly had confirmed...

AntilliaansDagblad | Arts Aida ontmoet hulpdiensten Sint Maarten

Philipsburg - Het management van Carnival Cruises organiseerde onlangs een rondleiding op het cruiseschip Aida uit Duitsland voor leden van de hulpdiensten van Sint Maarten. Stefan Luhrs, een...

AntilliaansDagblad | Geen dengue op Aruba

Oranjestad - Het Amerikaanse consulaat op Curaçao maakt er ten onrechte melding van dat er een uitbraak van dengue is op Aruba. Directie Volksgezondheid (DVG) bestrijdt dat...
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CC | Alarming financial situation at the University of Curaçao: Annual budget shortfall of 7 million guilders

HomeLandenCuraçaoCC | Alarming financial situation at the University of Curaçao: Annual budget...

WILLEMSTAD – The University of Curaçao (UoC) grapples with significant financial challenges on an annual basis, as revealed by Rector Magnificus Francis de Lanoy. The budget shortfall is estimated to hover around 7 million guilders per year.

These deficits have substantial implications for the university’s operational activities, necessitating the use of funds from operational costs and accreditation. The rector underscores the critical role of accreditation for UoC’s academic programs. Additionally, he highlights challenges in attracting qualified personnel, as certain vacancies remain unfilled due to limited financial resources.

During a session in the Estates, questions arose regarding the relationship between the Minister of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport (OWCS), Sithree van Heydoorn (MFK), and De Lanoy. Concerns were expressed about their communication.

The rector also addressed the need for increased focus on scientific aspects and research within the UoC. He advocates for a comprehensive reform of education in Curaçao, aiming for the educational system to evolve for greater relevance in primary and secondary education.

Concerning the 2024 budget, the UoC has requested an amount of 20 million guilders from the government. Out of this sum, 16 million is designated for operational costs, while 4 million is earmarked for investments and maintenance. This stands in contrast to the 15 million guilders included in last year’s multi-year budget for the UoC.

Bron: Curacao Chronicle

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  1. Very predictable development: in previous press releases Lanoy already stated UoC does not do any budgeting and just waits until the money from the government arrives. Of course this goes well, until there is some kind of crisis emerges (increase in energy prices, renovations that need to be done, fewer students and thus less income) and then of course UoC and Lanoy were so silly not to ensure there is a buffer available for crisis situations.
    Someone not able to create a budget and do follow up and corrections should not be in a position managing a public entity (let them manage their own business) so not sure why Lanoy is still in charge at UoC

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