Ingezonden: Who ordered the assassination of Helmin Magno Wiels?


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Vandaag laten we Jorge ‘Palu Djo’ Sulbaran aan het woord

Why are certain medias trying to let people believe that the assassination of Helmin Magno Wiels (rip) was a political murder? There are persistent speculations that prominent politicians such as member of parliament, Alex Rosaria (Grupo Sopi) and Elmer Wilsoe (Pueblo Soberano) and also Prime Minister Ivar Asjes (Pueblo Soberano) are involved in the Magno and Magnificus investigations (names given to the investigations by the Prosecutor’s Office).

However, all of these allegations are based purely on speculation and no one has come up with any evidence to prove their case.

The morning newspaper Ultimo Notisia suggested that resolving this murder case will have involvement of two members of parliament and three prominent businessmen. They did not mention any names, but everyone speculates they were referring to politicians Elmer Wilsoe and Alex Rosaria, the businessmen being Gregory Elias, Joel Goise and Cocochi Prins.

According the Ultimo Notisia they have documents that proof the involvement of Grupo Sopi (headed by Alex Rosaria) in the murder case. The morning paper also indicated that they have information suggesting that after the Easter Holidays, there will be detentions and the government will go into a crisis! Suggesting that members of the coalition parties are involved in the case!

On the other hand, the morning tabloid Vigilante has been persistently suggesting that a member of Pueblo Soberano has been interrogated no less than eight (8) times by RST (Recherche Samenwerkings Team) in charge of the Magnificus investigation. Obviously referring to Elmer Kadé Wilsoe!

However, during a party meeting, Elmer Wilsoe rejected these allegations completely. Vigilante also suggested that the lobby has started to expand the coalition with two PAR members in parliament!

This move is obviously in relation with the speculation that TWO members of parliament will be detained after the Easter Holidays. I really don’t understand why the media insist on linking politicians with the assassination of Helmin Wiels. To suggest that members of the current coalition, which also includes the late Helmin Wiels’ party Pueblo Soberano, is crazy.

Sincerely, I don’t believe any politician is involved in this case and to suggest that the assassination of Wiels was political motivated does NOT make any sense. The fact of the matter is that the same group remained in power after the slaying of Wiels, Nothing changed in government and in politics, nothing changed at all!

With only two days away from the court hearing, in which public prosecutor Mr. Gerd Grip, will have another chance to convince the criminal court, that he has enough evidence to prosecute the murderers, there is NO evidence to proof who ordered the slaying of Wiels. And after the hearing everything will remain the same!

By now everyone knows who were the actual killers, and also those probably involved in the planning of the killing. I’m afraid that we’ll never know who, where the masterminds that ordered the assassination of Helmin Wiels!I’m willing to bet, that only after our declaration of independence, we’ll know who killed the independence leader Helmin Magno Wiels!

By Jorge Palu Djo Sulbaran

Bron: Curaçao Chronicle

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