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Extra | Journaal 4 december 2023

Elke werkdag het laatste nieuws van Extra, nu ook in het Nederlands. Bron: Extra

DH | Antilles-Guyane patrol vessel seizes 3.5-ton cocaine haul

MARIGOT--Patrol vessel La Combattante from Marine Nationale seized 3.5 tons of cocaine from a fishing vessel southeast of Barbados on November 28. After confirming the location of the...

AntilliaansDagblad | Overheid belooft prijzen in de gaten te houden

Kralendijk - Directie Toezicht en Handhaving (T&H) van het Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire (OLB) kondigt aan prijscontroles te gaan uitvoeren op het basismandje, bekend als Bon Kompra Plus. F16...

AntilliaansDagblad | Aruba eigen mededingingsautoriteit

Oranjestad - In een statig pand in de binnenstad van Oranjestad is de Aruba Fair Trade Authority (Afta) geopend. Aruba heeft daarmee een eigen mededingingsautoriteit. Bij de opening...

AntilliaansDagblad | Parkeerbeheer bijna rond

Parkeerbeheer in zicht | Minister VVRP: Onderhandeling nieuw contract in eindfase Willemstad - Het parkeerbeheer is bijna rond en de onderhandelingen zijn in de eindfase. Dat antwoordt de...

AntilliaansDagblad | ‘Hoofdpijn’ in de wijk Rio Canario

Naast illegale boomkap nu ook een snack begonnen Willemstad - De buurtbewoners van de Menegrandeweg in de wijk Rio Canario houden hoofdpijn vanwege de acties van Melly Bergland,...
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Ingezonden | Open letter to Ministers of Justice of St. Maarten and Curaçao, Cornelius de Weever and Quincy Girigorie

HomeAuteursIngezondenIngezonden | Open letter to Ministers of Justice of St. Maarten and...
Ingezonden brief

Uw ingezonden brief in de Knipselkrant Curacao? Stuur uw brief voor 21:00 uur naar emailadres INGEZONDEN. Wij publiceren uw brief zonder deze in te korten. De redactie van de Knipselkrant Curacao is niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud. Ingezonden stukken die opruiende of dreigende taal bevatten worden door ons niet gepubliceerd.

Vandaag laten we Inmates of St. Maarten in Curaçao aan het woord.

Dear Minister De Weever,

We are writing this letter to thank you for giving us a chance to rehabilitate and to help us with our job here in Curaçao, at the same time.

Some of us were lucky enough to try and gain from the situation we were placed in. But the blame and heat goes to the Director of Sint Maarten who lied to us inmates about the relocations where we will be gong.

We will be the first to say that in the beginning it was very hard, because some inmates never spoke the language Papiamentu, but we were mostly angry because the Director lied to us about where we were going to.

We can talk all about ourselves in which this situation turned beneficial as an inmate, or shall we say as a person. We started to learn three new languages: Spanish, Papiamentu and Dutch. When we had no lessons we asked the SDKK Activity Department to help us and they did happily knowing that we were from Sint Maarten. We showed interest and we learned what we didn’t know first when we came here.

When the first six months expired, we assumed we were going back, we the inmates were prepared to go back. But then the Director of the Pointe Blanche prison extended the time longer without contacting inmates’ family or the inmates themselves. We can say that we called the prison of Sint Maarten a lot of different times to speak with the Director, but every time they were too busy to talk. The only persons that could have tried to help us inmates and calm our minds were the social workers, Mrs. Gumbs and Mrs. Lake. No other people from the Sint Maarten prison with the means to help us.

We consent to stay in Curaçao until the prison is fixed, because that’s why they sent us to here in the first place.

After the hurricane Sint Maarten had no form of resocialization, no school lessons, no bible classes, nothing. We are now a year here in Curaçao and the SDKK prison (Sentro di Detenshon I Korekshon Kòrsou) and they provided us, on your and Minister Girigorie’s request, with jobs to help ourselves. And now some of us have a choice to go to school and learn Spanish, Dutch and Papiamentu.

Again we, the inmates of Sint Maarten, residence in prison SDKK in Curaçao, thank the SDKK staff and the whole Management Team of SDKK, but most of all Mr. Urni Floran (director, for putting his shoulder under this), Mrs. Malvina Cecilia (Head Unit Corrections, who didn’t hesitate to make this happen), Mrs. Sheila Celestina and Mr. Etienne Martis (members of the sewing department where we are located, who helped teaching us everything with care and professionalism), and most of all Mr. Carlos Gomez (sewing master from the Pointe Blanche prison, relocated in Curaçao for this special project, who is the undiscussable ongoing teacher we ever knew) for giving us the chance to work, learn and most of all for believing in us and giving us a chance in SDKK in Curaçao. Thank you people of Curaçao.

Inmates of St. Maarten in Curaçao.

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