DH | UPDATE: Police start investigation into death on St. Eustatius

UPDATE: Police start investigation into death on St. Eustatius

ST. EUSTATIUS–On Sunday, June 25, around 1:00am the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) on St. Eustatius received a call that two injured persons were found in a dwelling at Blijden Road in Concordia, St. Eustatius.

On the scene, Police discovered a deceased woman and a man who was wounded. The injured man was transported to Queen Beatrix Medical Centre.

The Police have started an extensive investigation into the incident. The Police did not reveal any more details about the incident, or about the identity of the victims. The Police said no further information could be provided at that time. KPCN and the Prosecutor’s Office will provide updates as the investigation progresses, according to a statement provided by KPCN on Sunday afternoon.

The Prosecutor’s Office said Sunday evening that the injured man was arrested. He is suspected of involvement in the woman’s death.

A big crowd was near the scene of the crime during the early morning hours. The Police had the area cordoned off with tape.

Both victims are Colombian nationals. The man works on St. Eustatius with a local company. The couple were on a cruise earlier on Saturday evening and were later seen at a local establishment.

Unconfirmed reports stated that another resident who lived in the same house returned home and found the couple lying unresponsive on the floor. The person then returned to the bar near F.D. Roosevelt Airport in Concordia and informed the proprietor that there was an incident that required Police intervention.

The island was in a state of shock after the incident, as many commented that “things like these do not happen on Statia.” The last murder to occur on the island concerned Leora “Lee” May Bauer-Whitaker (75), who was murdered at her home in Fair Play on August 29, 2005.

Detectives arrived from Bonaire to investigate. They arrived on a chartered aircraft after 1:00pm.

Bron: Daily Herald

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