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Jardim stated that the transaction was settled last Friday after a thorough investigation by CBCS and a complaint filed at the prosecution of then suspected criminal acts | Extr

WILLEMSTAD–During a press conference called by management of the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten (CBCS), Interim President José Jardim announced that they are filing a criminal complaint against First Curaçao International Bank (FCIB) owned by John Deuss.

The drama at Deuss’ “offshore bank” FCIB goes back a long time. During the press conference, Jardim explained that on October 9, 2006, the banking licence of FCIB was withdrawn by the then Bank of the Netherlands Antilles (BNA).

The court, at the request of BNA, pronounced an emergency regulation regarding that bank. BNA is the legal predecessor of the current CBCS, which supervises the banking system.

As a result of the emergency regulation, FCIB has been under the control of CBCS ever since. The reason for this was a Dutch criminal investigation into FCIB, which led to a conviction and a transaction for FCIB in 2012-2013.

In 2013, the prosecution in the Netherlands agreed on a comprehensive arrangement with FCIB’s Deuss and his sister Tineke Deuss; it was then agreed to withdraw the appeal lodged on both sides against the judgment rendered in 2012 by the Arnhem District Court.

The consequence of this is that the judgments have become irrevocable. The monetary deprivation based on this criminal case was set at 34.5 million euros.

The criminal investigation into money laundering was then also terminated. FCIB and its two supervisors agreed to a transaction in the form of payment of a sum of 500,000 euros. Civil proceedings against the Dutch state were, in turn, stopped.

FCIB had at first, been ordered to pay a fine of 1,190,000 euros. The executives were both sentenced to six months’ suspended prison terms with a probationary period of two years and a fine of 327,000 euros each.

When they thought they were done with this case in the Netherlands in mid-2013, the headquarters of the FCIB in Curaçao was searched in October 2017 and March 2018 under the leadership of the examining magistrate. “The immediate reason for the searches was incoming foreign legal assistance requests regarding FCIB.”

On its social media, the Prosecutor’s Office in Willemstad announced that “the transaction would contribute to the rapid settlement of FCIB as a bank, which would make it possible to lift the emergency regulation.”

Jardim stated that the transaction was settled last Friday after a thorough investigation by CBCS and a complaint filed at the prosecution of the then suspected criminal acts.

The interim president during the press conference repeated an earlier statement that there is no danger whatsoever of a devaluation of the Netherlands Antillean guilder. He regrets the discussion about this that arose after the business association VBC expressed its fear of this last month.

According to Jardim, that concern is unjustified.

Bron: Daily Herald

Naschrift KKC

Op 21 november 2016 heeft het Tribunale Civile e Penale in Rome een arrestatiebevel uitgevaardigd tegen Francesco Corallo, wegens verdenking van belastingontduiking, witwassen, verduistering en deelname aan een criminele organisatie. Lees hier de aanklacht met betrekking tot grootschalige belastingontduiking, witwassen en omkoping van Italiaanse politici via Global Starnet in Sint Maarten (voormalig Atlantis World Goup en Betplus/BPlus genaamd).

In de dagvaarding (in bezit van Knipselkrant Curacao) staan de volgende verdachten:

  • Francesco Corallo (Italie),
  • Rudolf Theodor Anna Baetsen (Roermond, Nederland)
  • Amedeo Laboccetta (Italie)
  • Alessandro La Monica (Italie)
  • Arturo Vespignani (Italie)
  • James Walfenzao (Aruba)
  • Catherine Wilma van Velze (Zaandam, Nederland)
  • Jonh David Sims (UK)
  • Andrew Victor William Greenfield (UK),
  • Mike Baljit Chahal (UK)
  • Giancarlo Tulliani (Italie)
  • Sergio Tilliani (Italie)

Verder staan in de dagvaarding een reeks Nederlandse, Curacaose, Arubaanse, Sint Maartense en Engelse financiële en fiscale dienstverleners genoemd die de verdenkingen zouden hebben gefaciliteerd. First Curaçao International Bank (FCIB) wordt in totaal 38x als een van de gokfaciliterende banken genoemd.

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