DH | COVID-19 patient recovers after being on ventilator for eight days

Nurses from SMMC’s COVID-19 team, Head of Patient Care at SMMC Antonio Pantophlet, Junior Patient Care Christina Jacobs, Internist Dr. Sandro Dissels and anesthesiologist Dr. Yelena George wave to the recovered patient as he leaves the medical pavilion at SMMC on Thursday.

CAY HILL–A male coronavirus COVID-19 patient, who was placed on a ventilator to assist him with his breathing as he battled the highly infectious virus, has beat the odds, recovered and was released from St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) medical pavilion on Thursday afternoon.

The COVID-19 team at the hospital were all smiles, cheered and clapped cheerfully as they bade the patient farewell on Thursday, as the country added one additional patient to its recovery list. The grateful patient stood for a while and in an expression of gratitude, waved to the team that helped save his life before he boarded an ambulance to leave the facility.

The patient was originally at SMMC and then later transferred to the medical pavilion, where his care continued until his discharge. Information received by The Daily Herald from a member of the hospital’s COVID-19 team indicated that the patient had been given medication to keep him in what is referred to as an induced coma to give his lungs and the patient, time to recover.

The patient had been on a ventilator for eight days and through a process called weaning, with the help of SMMC’s anesthesiologist and nurses, the patient was awoken and removed from the ventilator.

The tube was removed after the patient started breathing better on his own. The patient received breathing and mobility exercises from a physical therapist during his stay in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). During his period on the ventilator, the patient received a cocktail of medication including antibiotic and antiviral medication.

After the term of treatment, the patient successfully recovered thanks to the dedication of the team of front-line heroes at SMMC including its nurses, doctors and physical therapists.

Bron: Daily Herald

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