DH | Pond Island landfill fire – update

One is advised to continue to remain indoors.

DCOMM–The landfill on Pond Island caught fire early Saturday morning. Fire service units have been busy all day battling to contain the fire. Most of the hotspots have been extinguished with the placement of dirt.

Other hotspots are being worked on. Efforts are underway to cut down on the amount of smoke being emitted from the landfill area by wetting down a section where the hotspots have been active.

Therefore, residents residing downwind in the Philipsburg area as well as the western side of the island (over the hill Cole Bay and surrounding environs) in the path of the smoke, are advised to continue to keep windows and doors closed especially for persons who suffer with a respiratory illness.

You are advised to continue to remain indoors.

The Fire Department, personnel from the Ministry of VROMI, and firefighters from the Collectivite of Saint-Martin continue to work diligently to eliminate the fire hotspots on the landfill.

Bron: Daily Herald

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