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CC | Minister files complaint against declarations AVA Airways

AVA Airways-directeuren Giovanni Atalita (links) Olivier Arrindell (midden) en Luchtvaart directeur Derby (rechts)
Toen alles nog goed was: AVA Airways-directeuren Giovanni Atalita (links) Olivier Arrindell (midden) en Burgerluchtvaartautoriteiten directeur Oscar Derby (rechts)

WILLEMSTAD – The Minister of Traffic, Transportation and Spatial Planning (VVRP), Suzanne Camelia-Römer has filed a complaint this morning at the Public Prosecution against the declarations made by the representatives of AVA Airways in the media.

The Director of the aviation company, Olivier Arrindell, declared last weekend that the Director of the Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA), Oscar Derby, together with his wife, have asked AVA Airways for money for the economic permit.

According to the Minister these are serious accusations against a high official in her Ministry and this must be investigated.

The Minister’s complaint is also related to other aspects of the company. What these are exactly, she did not want to divulgate.

Today AVA Airways will hold a press conference to talk about the economic permit. Recently the Ministry of VVRP indicated that if the aviation company wants an economic permit, they will have to present a bank guarantee of almost 50 million dollars before their request can be taken into consideration.

Bron: CuracaoChronicle

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