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CC | Cordoba: ‘I know who killed Wiels!’

PS Fractieleider Jaime Córdoba  zegt te weten wie Helmin Wiels heeft vermoord
PS Fractieleider Jaime Córdoba zegt te weten wie Helmin Wiels heeft vermoord

WILLEMSTAD – “I know who killed Helmin Wiels, former leader of this political party,” said Jaime Cordoba, the current leader of the Pueblo Soberano (PS), the political party founded by the murdered politician.

Cordoba was pretty disgusted with certain media that suggested that he was a suspect in the case. He emphatically denied this and stressed that he was summoned as a witness. Also he asked for certain people at those media not to deal with him anymore. This was reported in the morning newspaper Extra.

Cordoba said that he’s a good person, but he has some brothers that arrived last Saturday that are not as nice as he is.

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He also questioned the declaration made by Helmin Wiels’ brother, Aubert Wiels, who spoke about Cordoba’s visit to the investigation team RST.

Cordoba said that last Friday when he went to the RST for interrogation as a witness, big was his surprise when there were some reporters and photographers standing there ready to take his picture. Both when he arrived and when he left. That is why he is going to RST to ask what kind of nonsense is this.

He further noted that he was also a cop and just like the RST interrogated him, he also interrogated them. “They asked me eight questions.”

According to Cordoba it was a list of people who went to RST on Friday and also on Saturday.

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After the interrogation, Cordoba said; “I know who committed this act. In the coming month, everything will be revealed.”

“It’s an abuse what has been done to this country by killing and assassinating a man for speaking the truth. Now they think they the party will fall, never. Voters will return.” He ensured all the party members that when they find out who did this criminal act, all voters will come back.

Cordoba continued saying that no one in the government has done more for Curaçao than his party. Now there are political parties who are after Pueblo Soberano’s votes.

Finally, he also said that he questions those who formed new parties. He also said that it is very ugly to see people with bad reputation forming new parties.

Bron: Curacao Chronicle

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  1. Someone was convicted for the murder of Helmin Wiels. Now, Cordoba tells the world that he knows who was behind the murder. He should have considered his own safety before making this announcement. Some (also not so nice guys (Bolle and Pretu)) have lost their lives in the cover-up. Decisions driven by emotions (RST leak ??) are often not fully thought through.

  2. @”Cordoba said that he’s a good person, but he has some brothers that arrived last Saturday that are not as nice as he is.”…..
    Van welke stam is deze man??

  3. Heb jij daar ooit in geloofd dan Miriam ??? !!!!
    Spreek aub alleen namens jezelf en niet met “we”
    Je kunt 3 keer vallen als je maar 4 keer opstaat….. 🙂

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