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Blog JR | Theo Heyligers’s political peril …….

HomeNieuwsBlog JR | Theo Heyligers's political peril …….

SXM Bobol Politics blog | by Judith Roumou

Theo Heyliger - upp | Judith Roumou
Theo Heyligers’s political peril …….

Last weekend there were rumblings of the government falling.. I believe if Cornelius had been here, and not in Holland…it might have happened. Marcel Gumbs supposedly threatened a dissolution of Parliament, which would have meant new elections. That brought terror to many a politician’s heart…. so the government remained as is.

Every politician… well, almost every politician panicked because they knew that many would not make it back, and many others would be severely weakened

if new elections were held.

Ed Gumbs​ might disagree with me, but I believe if elections were to be held right now, Silveria Jacobs could probably beat Theo Heyliger in the vote count.

My reasoning? Silveria did very well, coming in only second to Theo Heyliger in the vote count a few months ago.

Since then….Theo has been WEAKENED, he’s been caught up in  bobol, after bobol, after bobol… from the Dutch to his own most loyal slate members.

Silveria on the other hand has laid real low, stayed out of controversy- as chaos continues to reign everywhere in SXM politics.

If the elections were to be held now, Silveria is the only one I believe who would see a significant INCREASE in her vote numbers,

everyone else would see a decrease. Theo Heyliger received 1945 votes during the 2014 elections, a few weeks later when they held their

“Independence March against the Dutch” for him, they couldn’t even muster 100 people to come out in the hot sun to show support for Theo Heyliger.

Theo lost a lot of credibility with that march. It was actually humiliating for him, considering the old pimp Toachie Meyers had to drag his prostitutes out of

the brothels to carry their ‘anti slavery’ signs in their 7 inch heels. Nobody in the UPP saw the irony, that they were using ‘modern day slaves’ (prostitutes

who’ve been human-trafficked) to carry ‘anti dutch slavery’ signs in the hot sun.

That march damaged Theo’s credibility immensely, it cost him votes too.

Then there was the incident during the 2014 campaign where Theo on stage, got down on one knee, and swore that if UPP got the majority,

he would be the next Prime Minister. UPP did NOT get the majority, but someone (they said Mr Ikemba) still talked Theo Heyliger into believing that he could

pass the screening to become Minister. When I posted to Facebook that Theo couldn’t pass the screening to flip burgers at Burger King,

fools like Olivier Arrindell came out to attack me. And of course months later I was  proven right, again.

Theo’s improvised moves, brought more pressure from the Dutch, the pressure from the Dutch made it impossible for Theo to fulfill many of his promises….

Theo made many mistakes, and some feel that it was because Theo ignored the advice of his senior Advisors, such as Al Wathey, and instead was taking

advice, from his best drinking buddy Mr Ikemba. Many in the UPP feel that the Ikemba African, and their million dollar pelicans, will be the downfall of Theo

Heyliger. Some felt Theo lost many votes because of his association with the Nigerian. There are religious people who won’t vote for a politician if they believe

that they’re into ‘hoodoo-voodoo’ etc……….

Then let’s be honest, Theo lost votes by having people such as Maria Buncamper, Julian Rollocks​ and various other

shady characters who were under investigation on his slate.

Theo’s strategy in the beginning seemed brilliant, but that tells you right there that it wasn’t Theo’s ideas.

Theo quietly negotiated with various DP and NA slate members, and convinced them to come over to his side.

With what? We don’t know, but there have been many speculations.

The NA and DP defections did cost them many votes, William Marlin and NA got 2200 votes LESS than the previous elections.

The UPP were focused on getting this and that politician away from their party, and it did weaken the other parties, but many of the people that they got to

defect were already flawed in the eyes of many, and many came with a lot of baggage.

1) Theo got Doctor Lloyd Richardson to defect from the National Alliance, but Dr. Lloyd was not as popular as he used to be. Marlin and the NA made sure of

that. There were open discussions when the NA were leading government, in the Government Administration building, where Kendall Dupersoy’s secretary

was calling Doctor Lloyd Richardson every name in the book…”backstabbing, traitor.. etc etc”

Ever since the rumors had started in 2014 that Doctor Lloyd had been negotiating with Theo, the NA had been running a gutter campaign against him.

When he defected, they said it was because Theo promised to give his brother contracts, and he received monetary compensation. Dr. Lloyd was also

supposed to have been enticed with offers to make him President of Parliament.

Many disccussed it not one provided a shred of evidence. Theo got Dr. Lloyd, but Doc Lloyd was already past his political peak.

2) Theo kept Jules James on the slate. Jules James is the Pastor/Parliamentarian/President of  Pelican.

Jules James is the “Pastor”, who was President of the Pelican Hotel inc, who got all of his employees and their families to vote him into Parliament.

Once he got his seat in Parliament, Jules James promptly FIRED all of his dedicated, loyal employees.

Some who had worked for the resort for decades. That COST Theo Heyliger many votes.

3) Silvio Matser ran on the UPP campaign while he was under investigation for tax evasion. He has since been convicted and is facing prison. He has appealed

the case.

Theo has/had many issues with Silvio Matser, but decided that getting him away from NA was worth the risk. Anyone in the NA or UPP would tell

you right now, that Silvio Matser is, and always has been NA. One of Theo’s problems is that maybe you can convince and entice someone to defect and

join your party, but there is no guaranteed loyalty.

And how do you expect loyalty from someone who just betrayed their party and entire constituency to join forces with you?

Silvio Matser is involved with both the DP and NA in business dealings, and is RELATED to them both through marriage and blood.

Then there was that persistent little rumor…………………..

The rumor going around during the elections was that Theo Heyliger had sent Silvio Matser to collect the Francesco Corallo campaign funding money.

Francesco was under numerous investigations, Theo didn’t want a direct link.

It is said that Silvio used that money to guarantee himself a seat in Parliament, and did not divvy it up with Theo/UPP like he was supposed to. It is said that

Theo is the one who triggered the investigation and subsequent conviction of Silvio Matser, and Silvio is supposed to know it. Silvio has made no secret

that he is no longer a true UPP. Right now I guess his lawyers fees are killing him, he’s about to go to prison and be out of a job. He’s supposedly trying to get

Theo to give him process, but Theo got the Dutch up his ass, so he’s trying to move legit, at least in the open….

Theo’s been saying that everyone has to bid on the projects…. at least publicly. So it seems Silvio said ‘eff it’ and I guess he’s still in Vegas.

4) Theo got Jason Peterson from the NA, but once again that’s a case of ‘you can’t BUY anyone’s loyalty’. Just because you give them something

doesn’t mean that they’re suddenly “Green”, but they will pretend to be, as long as it benefits them

5) Johann “Janchi” Leonard, barely held on to his seat. He lost many votes because many feel that he’s in Parliament, but has done NOTHING for the people.

The fact that we’ve had almost Five years of government now, but I haven’t heard of ONE real legislation passing, proves that point. Janchi lost votes,

but still managed to keep his seat.

6) Theo put Angelique Roumou/Romou once again on the slate, but everyone knows that Angelique is faker than her weave. Voters do notice when

politicians are ONLY friendly during the election year/season. Then she’s preaching on her “Betta Family” programs, as she’s going through a divorce.

People are not stupid.

7) Josianne Artsen Fleming on the slate was a mystery to me and to many people. I remained neutral when it came to Josianne and the majority of women during the elections. I didn’t post anything negative, but no one had anything good to say about Josianne. It could be that she’d simply acquired many enemies from her days as being the First Lady of French St Martin. The attacks against Josianne were vicious and personal. I chose to stay out of it, but many people feel that Josianne had been a bad idea. That she would not bring in any true French votes, she couldn’t bring in the youth votes, and like many on the slate, had too much baggage to be on a political party that was supposed to be about ‘change’.

8) Rudy Engel and Terry Peterson were in the same boat as Doctor Lloyd… Weakened by their defections from the National Alliance. They, especially Terry Peterson are supposed to be angry at Theo Heyliger, because they risked everything and lost a lot in their defection. However, when Theo is dividing up the spoils… he’s giving everything to the enemy……. the Opposition, who did everything to destroy him during the last elections.

9) I think even Maria Buncamper Molanus can admit now that her being on the UPP slate was one of her and Theo’s biggest mistakes. She cost him votes, she under various current investigations. She has many enemies, especially among the DP. As soon as she announced her candidacy of course he investigation was back on, and this time they put a cherry on top. Maria Buncamper is currently facing prison, her court date is coming up soon. Marietje is supposed to be upset with Theo, because she’s going through hell with her court cases, and she feels abandoned.

10) Tamara Leonard and Frankie Meyers who is related to Theo, seemed to be good ideas. Tamara got a lot of sympathy votes because of her openness about her illness. Frankie Meyers helped a lot of people, in a dirty underhanded manner, but those people voted him back in. Tamara and Frankie was supposed to be Theo’s most loyal…. but if you follow the Facebook updates……….. It seems that because of infighting Tamara and Frankie are both at odds with Theo right now.

11) The other Heyliger on the slate, was not a bad choice. He was a relative unknown, but he got some votes. However, it is also being said that Heyliger was made many promises by Theo Heyliger, which have not been fulfilled, he is also alleged to be having issues with his party leader Theo Heyliger

12) Theo knew that Maurice had allowed the VROMI Ministry to gone to his head. Theo knew of Maurice scheming, but Theo had no choice but to keep Maurice on the slate. Maurice did turn on Theo, for more than one reason, but the latest reason is because Theo supposedly wasn’t pressuring Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs, who also temporarily heads the VROMI Ministry, to sign off on his projects. Marcel is supposed to be not signing off on certain projects, because he’s not stupid.

Now they want to start a rumor saying Maurice Lake stayed with UPP because Theo promised him VROMI Ministry. It doesn’t matter what Theo promises Maurice Lake, he cannot pass the current screening process, so that rumor is baloney!

13) Claret Conner seemed to be the only lucky one in the bunch……. Until Theo gave Cornelius de Weever two portfolios, and Frans Richardson one portfolio, and then Leona Marlin is said to have threatened to leave the coalition if she didn’t get her own portfolio, which would be the Tourism portfolio. Should Leona get the Tourism portfolio, then Claret Connor, the only UPP to get anything, and who actually got the vote, might be kicked out………to please and appease the Opposition. So I would understand if Claret was angry right now.

14) Rhoda Arrindell was a terrible idea, and we’ll see who will be getting locked up when that Emilio Wilson bobol goes down.. It was Rhoda as Minister who sold us out….. RIGHT? Well the Emilio Wilson Estate investigation will be starting soon….

How many millions? Rhoda as a candidate, had also lost her luster, she lost votes, she did not make much of an impact. People keep asking why Theo did not give Rhoda Minister. Rhoda cannot get Ministry, because when they ‘vet’ or ‘screen’ her, those pesky and shady Emilio Wilson deals will come back to bite her in the ass.

15) Miguel de Weever as a UPP candidate was weakened by the fact that his brother Cornelius was his competition, and already had a head start by being appointed by Leroy de Weever as Health Minister. As Minister, Cornelius was able to build a voter base, so that truly screwed Miguel de Weever right there. And then, like Connie- he inherited all of Millicent and Leroy de Weevers enemies, but not many of their friends and voters. People have also noticed and noted, that Cornelius de Weever has tried to appoint every de Weever: Millicent, Leroy, Keturah, Ludmilla…… every de Weever except for the de Weever who actually ran on the UPP slate, his brother Miguel.

16) Putting Julian Rollocks on the slate, was such a joke, and cost Theo so much money and votes, there’s really nothing left to say.  Theo invested tens of thousands in Julian Rollocks, and that con artist ended up earning 44 (FORTY FOUR) 🙂 votes……. oh, how the mighty have fallen…….

17) People like Iris, Veronica and there was one other very young gentleman on the slate, they did not make much if any impact on the elections.

Those were ALL UPP slate members, of ALL those people, Josianne got Plenipotentiary, Claret got Tourism Ministry, but it seems that Theo might take that back to give it to Leona….. or at least he was going to…………….. sooooooooo.

Theo needed defectors to make up the majority government. Theo and the UPP had gotten the most votes, but his top three Opposition parties had joined forces, and taken the majority.

Theo got Cornelius de Weever to defect to the UPP, by giving Connie two portfolios, and guaranteeing Leroy de Weever a Ministry. When Leroy couldn’t get his Ministry position due to his own evil deeds, he is supposed to have tried to bring down government sometime in late January- early February.

At that time, Theo was forced to bring in Frans, to neutralize the threat. Frans demanded and got the Justice Portfolio from Theo to join.

That left Leona, out in the cold.

She had sold herself cheap, so like Sarah Wescot Williams, she renegotiated for a Minister Portfolio, unlike Sarah, she is supposed to have been successful.

Right now, Theo doesn’t know who to trust…..

If his only family, like Frankie got issues with him, then the UPP have serious issues….

Right now, many are trying to float a lot of rumors…

they’ve even fed me red herrings……….the ones you least suspect.

I’ve been proven right in the past about my blogs, so as usual, I’ll leave it up to the reader, to decide who’s got it right, and who’s got it wrong.


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