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Blog JR | The real Corallo story: Call me Francesco… or call me ‘The Godfather’

HomeNieuwsBlog JR | The real Corallo story: Call me Francesco… or call...

SXM Bobol Politics blog | by Judith Roumou

Francesco Corallo and Pepe Starz Atlantis Casino | Foto Judith Roumou
Selfproclaimed Godfather of Sint Maarten Francesco Corallo at Starz Atlantis Casino: “Judith Roumou… GO FUCK YOURSELF!” | Foto Judith Roumou

Charlotte and I decided not to wait at the Casino Royale, when she asked for an idea on where to go next, I suggest Francesco Corallo’s Starz Casino, which was not too far away. As we are pulling into the parking lot, I spot someone who appears to be Corallo, but the person is much thinner than the person in any photos that I’ve seen of Francesco Corallo, he was also younger looking.

I told Charlotte “That’s Francesco Corallo”. She said no way, that’s not him. Then I spot Pepe, and I really recognized him. I said “Charlotte, that’s Francesco Corallo, and that is his #1 guy Pepe.” She still refuses to believe me, so we follow them into the casino, I stood and spoke to a casino manager I had known for a while.

Then with Charlotte we approached the area where I’d last spotted Corallo. As I approach with Charlotte nearby, I tell Corallo.. “You are Francesco Corallo” He says: “I am, and who are you?? I smile and say: “I’m Judith Regina Roumou”. It seems that he had already suspected who I was, in a rage he said: “Turn on your camera!” I did, he assumed that I was shooting video when he said into the camera: “Go fuck yourself!” But it was photo, I only got one blurry shot. I continued to smile, and look him in the eyes..

It wasn’t even the first “Fuck off” that I had been told that day.. He demanded to know why I had blogged about him, calling him a mafia boss. I responded.. “well, I’m just a bitch” He said why you call me Mafia Boss? I said people call me “bitch” all the time, they call me every name in the book, I don’t get upset about it, you’re a grown man, and words are bothering you?”

Francesco is furious, and Charlotte starts to speak to him, as Pepe leads me outside, until Francesco calms down.

sxm government leader theo heyliger crying to Francesco Corallo and Pepe when his government fell | Judith Roumou
SXM government leader Theo Heyliger (left) crying to Francesco Corallo (right) and his Italian wingman Pepe (middle) when his government fell. According to Corallo and Pepe the picture was taken by Public Prosecutor Ton Maan and spread by Hilbert Haar

Pepe is very friendly and charming. He spoke about his modest upbringing, about the fact that he did not live in a fancy neighborhood. He spoke very affectionately about his mother, and his family.

Pepe kept wanting to know why I blogged about them, and I explained that the expression Mafia Boss was one made by the Italians. I also explained to Pepe, that I took a certain pleasure blogging about Corallo, because his employees had robbed me of over 400 dollars worth of equipment at his Beach Plaza Casino, and when I spoke to management so that they could pull up the video and see who had stolen it. They called Pepe down at Atlantis, and I was told by the Manager that Pepe basically said “tell her to go fuck herself”. So I explained to him, that I took pleasure in blogging about the billionaire asshole who had allowed me, a person with very little to be robbed. His misery brought me JOY! 🙂

He asked again…: “Why?”. I said: “Vendetta!” He couldn’t believe me, and I said “Vendetta!” He denied ever making the statements to the Beach Plaza manager, he told me that I should have come and spoken to him personally. I said: “Dude, this is the first time I’m meeting you. And why would I have to come all the way Cupecoy about something that happened in Philipsburg?”

Everytime he asked me why I blogged about Corallo and his casinos, my response was either, ‘because I’m a bitch’ or ‘it’s just a vendetta’. We re-entered the casino together, and Corallo is talking to Charlotte, Pepe leans over and tells Francesco about my equipment being stolen at his casino. Francesco now starts to ask me why I blogged about him, who is paying me, who I worked for.

And although Volkskrant reporter Charlotte Huisman emphasized the “Go fuck yourself”, she conveniently forgot that both Pepe and Francesco were saying that I was TOO INTELLIGENT, to be blogging. To men like them, everyone has a price, their lack of comprehension was that I blog for FREE!

“Why you call me Mafia Boss?” I said: “Corallo, they call me bitch, and I don’t cry about it. They call me every name in the book. I looked him in the eyes and said, you are a billionaire who allowed your thieving employees to rob me. When I tried to get my stuff, I was told to go fuck myself. So I derive great pleasure in making you miserable. I enjoy making powerful men miserable, I just love it.” Corallo is staring at me, and Pepe is laughing.

Charlotte gives me five bucks for the slot machine, and I go off to allow her and Corallo their conversations. I played the five cent slots until the money ran out, and by this time Corallo is very comfortable talking to Charlotte, they pull up a chair and we’re four sitting at the table.

My bag with all of my recording equipment is at Charlotte’s feet, under the table at all times. Everyone seems to have forgotten that my bag is there, open.

In Sint Maarten zijn onder- en bovenwereld met elkaar verweven. Blogger Judith Roumou schrijft erover en kwam in hechtenis. 'Ik een maffiafiguur? Go fuck yourself', reageert casino-ondernemer Francesco Corallo in een ontmoeting.
In Sint Maarten zijn onder- en bovenwereld met elkaar verweven. Blogger Judith Roumou schrijft erover en kwam in hechtenis. ‘Ik een maffiafiguur? Go fuck yourself’, reageert casino-ondernemer Francesco Corallo in een ontmoeting.

I am sitting with Francesco on my right, and Pepe on my left. At this point Mr Corallo insists that I call him Francesco. I find it hard not to look at him, because he looks nothing like his photos, and the question is, is he intentionally trying to change his appearance, or is it just vanity? He is slim, looks like he just turned forty.. maybe.. his hair, ten shades blacker than mine.

At this point it is very clear, that they HAVE been reading my blogs. They have also been reading Nardy Cramm of the KnipselKrant Curacao blogs. I have only written a few blogs actually featuring Corallo, mostly taken from the KK Curacao in their legal battle against Francesco Corallo. Francesco’s anger seems more focused on Nardy and the KnipselKrant Curacao, but I’m the only person for him to express his rage to.

Everytime I say “Nardy”, and he tries to say her name, he literally chokes on her name.. he could NOT bring himself to say the word “Nardy”.

There is an older Sicilian guy hovering around Francesco’s little Italian Espresso and Pastries corner. Charlotte refuses everything, I accept everything. Fresh Espresso, Italian pastries with fresh fruits, Heinekens. At this point.. They want me to be a part of the conversation.. I am continously asked who I’m working for, and why I’m calling Francesco a Mafia boss. I explained to Francesco, that the “Mafia Boss” and “Leader of a Sicilian Mafia” were all taken from an Italian authorities reference and screening of him.

Francesco Corallo, in my opinion saw a great opportunity when St Maarten attained semi-autonomy along with Curacao in November of 2010. Corallo OPENLY admitted to Charlotte and I that he paid ALL politicians!

He repeated that, and he repeated his statements with emphasis. He was so confident in his speech, that I was certain that what he was describing was legal. But later on, it was explained to me that Francesco was basically bragging proudly about the fact that he financed and funded ALL politicians.

In order for everyone to understand Francesco’s current predicament, we would have to start sometime in 2010, although Francesco’s issues with the Italians and the tax evasion allegations began years earlier in Italy. Francesco Corallo is worth approx. 30 Billion dollars because he is the King of the Casino fruit slot machines. The Fruit machines are the most popular machines in every casino. They seem to pay out, they are bright and colorful, and even if you are not playing… suddenly a machine will start playing a lively tune, just so that you remember that it is there… 🙂 These machines are continuously producing money sounds, cash being paid out.. They are hypnotic, and it’s all psychology.. It lures the gambler, to the machine. If a gamblers addiction is the tables.. well then Francesco has a way to lure them to the tables too. I ask Pepe to get Charlotte a voucher, to show her how the machines work, but he says “not now”. Francesco really wants to get his side of the story out.

They continue throughout the entire interview to repeat the accusations that I “work for “SOMEONE”, or else I would never be posting and blogging about Francesco.

It was also implied that Francesco has DEEP sources within the St Maarten Prosecutors Office, considered by many to be the MOST CORRUPT in the Caribbean.

So as I’m sitting between Francesco and Pepe… Charlotte the Volkskrant reporter, is simply awestruck that she is actually sitting and interviewing Carollo. She is even more shocked at what he’s saying. So shocked that she continues to ask him to repeat himself.

I later learned, she did that because he was admitting to crimes, and she simply couldn’t register those facts in her head. I am NOT Charlotte. Pepe and Francesco know right away, that I am not impressed, and I won’t back down. I firmly believe me blogging from the KKCuracao article calling Francesco a “Mafia Boss” is why he pressured the politicians, that he so proudly bragged about paying, into getting the police, men like the Chief of Police Peter de Witte, who are known for their addictions to the Poker tables to have me arrested.

I analyse everyone, and that is why I believe Charlotte Huisman’s article in the Volkskrant was incredibly weak.. 90% of the substance of the story was simply not there. Why? Well it could be fear… But Charlotte Huisman’s story was FAR from the full story, and glossed over everything that Corallo said that was relevant. Pepe and Francesco and I are conversing. The older Sicilian waiter hovers around to see whatever we need or like. At one point, I want an espresso, and Pepe actually gets up to make it for me.

Francesco and Pepe are men not use to repeating themselves, arguing or justifying anything. I look them both in the eyes, something they have no problem with, until I question my recent incarceration.. When I accuse them of behind my jailing they both look away. When it comes to any other questions…. They answer openly. As openly as they can.

Now Pepe wants to know why I called him a “Neaderthal” in my blogs. That tells me that they ARE reading my blogs. I correct Pepe.. “I called you a Cro-Magnon, Neaderthal.” It might have upset him, but he doesn’t show that.. He laughs about it. He said: “Judy, you got all of my employees calling me ‘Neaderthal’.” I said repeatedly: “Take it as a compliment, Pepe.. they call me a lot worse”

That is another huge difference between Charlotte “The Reporter” and Judith “The Blogger”. Pepe and Francesco repeatedly asked Charlotte “Do we look like the Mafia to you? 🙂 Charlotte says “No.” But in the car she said “Those two are straight out of “Central Casting for a Hollywood Mafia movie”

Pepe and Francesco didn’t DARE ask the BLOGGER that question, because I would have told the truth…..

As Pepe and I are sitting outside for the first time, he is genuinely curious as to who is paying me, and why we are posting using “Mafia Boss” in the title. So I say this to Pepe, looking him in the eyes, and when I return to the table with Francesco, I look him in the eyes and tell him the exact same thing.

“This is the first interview that you’ve ever given Francesco, the first in your life.. This is the first time anyone will be hearing your side of the story, your version of the events. Here is the time for you to contradict everything that’s been said about you. However, if you REFUSE to give YOUR side of the story, if everyone only hears OUR side of the story, how can you get upset, if people are only reading and hearing one version? You use your lawyers, to REFUSE to answer any accusations. You feel that you are above that. But if you continue to refuse to defend yourself or to answer questions, then people will be forced to believe the only version of the story that they are getting.” And that registers to both him and Pepe as they both nod their heads in agreement.

When you analyze Francesco’s movements, one gets the feeling that he hasn’t ever given an interview… has never ‘lowered’ himself to talk and explain himself, because Francesco feels that he is above that. That is my simple analysis of Francesco.

OM ziet af van zaak Corallo versus Knipselkrant om "maffiamaatje"
Corallo versus Knipselkrant Curacao over woord “maffiamaatje” | Pa Stechi

I turned to the right, as we are discussing the little town in Sicily where he was born. I had posted the full movie “The Godfather” to my Facebook page the week earlier KNOWING that Francesco, The Lawyers and Pepe are always keeping a close eye on my Facebook. Of course they both deny following me on Facebook, they deny even knowing anything about Facebook. But when you see their smartphones on the table.. you see the Facebook app on their frontscreens.
That’s when Francesco says: “You watch too many Godfather movies”. I say: “No, I read the book repeatedly growing up, the book is fantastic, the movie is okay.” They both nod and agree. He tells me that he was born in a different town in Sicily, not the same town as Don Corleone, “The Godfather” character in the novel. I know the entire book, but Pepe and Francesco seem to watch the movie way more than me.

Charlotte is the “journalist”, I’m allowing her to do her job and question Francesco… but now I realized that I should have stayed the whole conversation…. I didn’t but my backpack did… under the interview table. So at this point, Pepe’s, right hand is under the table massaging my left knee. When we were outside both Francesco, in his “Go fuck yourself” statement, and Pepe pretty much were implying that if only Charlotte, Nardy and I had a ‘good man’ .. to ‘keep us in our place’… then we would not be blogging. His hands on my knee was not even a distraction. I was actually smiling to myself, wondering how far he would go 🙂 I look Francesco in the eyes, and I ask: “Is Veen your consiglieri?”

Mr. Jeroen van Veen
Mr. Jeroen Veen | Lexwell attorny Sint Maarten

He’s of course he’s caught off guard for a second, then both Pepe and Francesco smile. Francesco said: “See.. you watch too many Godfather movies” I said: “the Godfather movie was based on real characters.” Francesco, disagrees.. I turn to Charlotte, who is having trouble taking notes. She’s interviewing Francesco, but she’s not asking the right questions, so now I get involved. I turn to Charlotte and I say this: “Write down these words ‘Roman a Clef’. Then I explain to the table that a “Roman a Clef” is a book called “Fiction” to AVOID lawsuits.. The book, events and characters are based on real people”. I had to explain to Francesco that I didn’t just read “The Godfather, and watched the movie many times.

Francesco Corallo on Interpol for organized crime and fraud
Francesco Corallo on Interpol for organized crime and fraud

One of my hobbies is studying Organized Crimes… I looked Francesco in the eyes and asked: “Are you the Godfather? Are you St Maarten’s Godfather?” And he nods and says: “yes, I am the Godfather of St Maarten.” And to them “Mafia Boss” and “God Father” are two very separate things. Both him and Pepe kept insisting that “Mafia boss” had a very negative connotation. I said: “Pepe, they call me bitch and worse, but when they thought that they could call me every name in the book for standing up in my country, I flipped the script.”

I explained that I used to be anonymous. But when Editors like Hilbert Haar’s gambling addictions got worse, and he was being basically paid to attack me, and savage my name in his muckraking, shit paper “The Today Paper” better known in Sxm as the “Toilet Paper”. That is when I stood up, and told my side, and TOOK MY NAME BACK!”

I said as long as you guys refuse to share YOUR side of the story, there will only be OUR side of the story. I looked at them both, I asked: “Do you know how many names, I’ve been called in my OWN country, for having the guts to stand up against bullshit and corruption?” Then Pepe said, and Francesco later said: “The word “Mafia Boss” will lead to investigations.”

Corallo ook verdachte in zaak Babel. Op de foto beide advocaten van de casinobaas | Foto Extra
The reason why Corallo doesn’t want to be called a Maffia boss is that “The word “Mafia Boss” will lead to investigations”. There are indeed ongoing investigations. In the picture Corallo’s lawyers Mr. Eldon Peppie Sulvaran and mr. Spong after sueing the Public Prosecution’s Office to retrieve Corallo’s stuff from the search in his Cupecoy house and casino after a warrant stemming from the Italians anti maffia authorities and the Babel/Schotte/Van der Dijs case in nov 2014 | Foto Extra

Pepe also stated, and Francesco agreed that my incarceration was wrong…. Pepe explained that both him and Francesco had been ‘wrongfully’ detained, so they had some solidarity with me being locked up. Everybody ignored the irony that it was probably Corallo behind it.

Also Pepe is the only man Francesco trusts, but Pepe tried to make it seemed like they trusted everyone.. Laughable, the Sicilian Billionaire trusts EVERYONE? No, he trusts Pepe! No one else.

Francesco Corallo, said it, and has no problem being seen as “The Godfather” of St Maarten… but he wants to be portrayed as almost a Don Corleone character. An easy going, benevolent guy.. who does ‘favors’. Not just for Theo Heyliger, but for everyone…

I have always had a deep fixation on not just Organized crime, but also The authorities set up to fight organized crime. So Francesco wanted to argue the point with me, but I’ve been researching La Cosa Nostra, Organized Crime, The Mafia, The Mob – whatever you want to call it for DECADES. Why? Because the events and stories are fascinating to me, one of my fixations. I have read hundreds of books fiction and non fiction about Organized Crime, and I seen 100’s of documentaries, from all perspectives and angles…

So Charlotte was clueless about a lot, but when Francesco tried me, I was the wrong one to debate with. They were also fascinated as to who my sources were, and how I was getting my information. (ONE REASON WHY THE PROSECUTORS CONTINUE TO HOLD MY WORK EQUIPMENT). Last year for the elections, there was a huge fracture in political and personal relationships, not just with Francesco and Theo Heyliger, who had a major falling out.. But also within the political parties themselves.

Francesco’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Rudolf Baetsen
Minister of Finance George Jamaloodin from Curacao tried to appoint Francesco’s CFO Rudolf Baetsen in april 2012 as President of the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten.

In fear of extradiction and prosecution in Italy, Francesco and his buddy at the time Prime Minister of Curacao Gerritt Schotte decided that they would have to find a way to give Francesco immunity from prosecution. Francesco’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Rudolf Baetsen, and man who in and CONTROLLED the casino sector at Atlantis/Starz Casino, was being appointed to OUR CENTRAL BANK!

At this point Francesco is controlling Schotte in Curacao with cash and an iron fist. He is also controlling Theo Heyliger, St Maarten’s government leader. They all believe that the 10-10-10 Semi-autonomy given to them by the Dutch mean, that they can run and rule with impunity.

Why else would Theo Heyliger and Gerrit Schotte believe that they could APPOINT FRANCESCO CORALLO – a man labelled by the police and authorities in his own country of Italy as a Mafia boss, involved in everything from money laundering, to human and drug trafficking.. the list goes on…. To head the Antilles TOP financial institution… The Central Bank?

(Click here for the official Curacao/Italian documents showing Schotte’s attempt appointment Francesco Corallo in May 2012 as President of the Central Bank, according to Gerrit after being approved by Curacao authorities (positive screenings by Micheal Romer (VDC) and Geomaly Martis (SOAB), red))

When Theo and Schotte, started trying to get “The Godfather” as head of the Central Bank, well of course Holland flipped. The Netherlands (Holland) and Italy are both in the European Union together, so in the middle of trying to get Francesco immunity from prosecution. Then Prime Minister of Curacao, Gerrit Schotte was paid large amounts of money, according to Curacao authorities to BUY Francesco Corallo a DUTCH passport, AND DUTCH rights. Francesco Corallo then became the wealthies DUTCH man in Holland. Holland was not pleased with that, and the methods to gain the Dutch documents were said to have done illicitly, illegally and via bribes.

In 2013 Francesco Corallo got arrested in Italy
In 2013 Francesco Corallo got arrested in Italy

Everyone agreed, that it was Holland who had Corallo picked up in Italy. His detention was brief, but in the meantime Curacao revoked his business licenses, meaning that he could no longer legally contribute to ANY Curacao politician. Schotte’s funding was cut off… and he was unhappy about that. Although he was soon released, Francesco could no longer feel safe in Curacao, he flew to his other safe haven, St Maarten. But everything had changed. Dutch pressure started to squeeze him. His Dunes casino, according to certain reports was taken from him. The ‘owner’ of Dunes is still very much a mystery to many, including myself. They FROZE his bank accounts. And Francesco complained openly about how he was going to pay his bills and employees. The banks were threatened with audits and more if they dared give Corallo any money. He was told that he had to go to The Canadian Headquarters to find out. But Francesco knew, that if he went to Canada, there would have been “Mounties” (Canadian Police) waiting on the airport for him.

Francesco’s only casino competition in St Maarten used to be Spadaro, but prison brought down Spadaro, and since Spadaro’s son. “Saro jr” did not have what it took, to take over… this began the rise of Francesco Corallo.
But now with the Dutch and Italian pressure, another billionaire Casino Owner in St Maarten.. Sudi Ozkan… tries to make moves.

Bouman also stated that everyone on the island knows that the gambling industry is in the hands of the mafia.
Francesco Corallo and Sudi Ozkan, the biggest 2 casino-owners in Sint Maarten

Sudi Ozkan, the Turkish billionaire is ALSO hiding out in St Maarten, he has huge issues in Turkey. Ozkan OWNS the St Maarten Chief of Police Peter de Witte, and Peter de Witte woud even be waitng for me in The Coliseum Casino, the Turkish Casino, if he wanted to speak to me confidentially. Confident that he owned the Chief, and a huge chuck of the elite in the Police Department.. The Turk started making moves on the Sicilian… Just like in the “Godfather”. And like in The Godfather, the Turk messed up. Because Sudi Ozkan, the Turkish billionaire owns Chief of Police Peter de Witte, but Francesco Corallo owns Immigration 🙂

Suddenly the Turks compound at Port de Plaissance is raided by immigration. Suddenly immigration is up the Turks ass, and they are panicking. They are NOT citizens, many have sketchy, paid for documents. I walked into the Coliseum Casino and The Turkish management was waiting for me.. They wanted to know how it was possible? I said..: “Let me look into it” I looked into it, then I pretty much explained to manager Murat Turkmenoglu.. that the Turks owned the Police dept, but Corallo owned immigration. There’s a lot more to that, but I am trying not to digress.

As I sat at the table between Francesco and Pepe, Francesco turns to Charlotte and proudly tells her.. I give money to ALL politicians. He said that they kept tying him to Theo Heyliger, based on “that photo”. Pepe came in and said. “Yes, we saw the LEAD Prosecutor Ton Maan, with his daughter-we saw him take the photo.” He then gave the photo to Hilbert Haar, one of Corallo biggest poker slaves.

Hoofdofficier Ton Maan | Foto: Today / Hilbert Haar
Hoofdofficier Ton Maan | Foto: Today / Hilbert Haar

At this point, I should have paid more attention, because Charlotte simply cannot grasp what’s being said to her. She finally gets an interview with one of the world’s most elusive billionaires, and he is openly admitting to bribing ALL politicians.

So I say in general: “So the story about you bringing all of the St Maarten politicians together in one room is true?”. Basically, last elections Corallo called a meeting with ALL of the local parties. DP/NA/UPP/USP. He was angry because they were refusing to cooperate… and it was hurting CORALLO. He’d given them ALL money. So Corallo has all of the St Maarten political leaders in one room, and then he left. It was simple psychology. When he returned to the room, all of the polical leaders were talking amongst themselves. Corallo is said to have exclaimed “You see, it IS possible for you to get along, now GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY OFFICE!” And they said William Marlin, Sarah Wescot, Frans and Theo fled with their tails between their legs.

Francesco Corallo, told Charlotte his life story, coming to St Maarten in 1975, and starting his own Casino at age 25. When I asked about his relationship with the “Old Godfather” Rosario Spadaro, another Sicilian, he again laughed at that. He said Spadaro was a very old man right now, and they had no communication and did not socialize. It was a simple coincidence…. or synchronicity (my interpretation) that Spadaro was arrested and on his way down, when the other Sicilian Corallo began his rise, and eventually took over the Gaming industry in St Maarten.

Francesco Corallo-Theo Heyliger tijdens de rebranding van Atlantis Casino Group in Startz and More Casino's
Francesco Corallo and Theo Heyliger at a party for rebranding Atlantis Casino Group in Startz and More Casino’s in May 2015: “I gave Theo Heyliger nothing for the last elections”

Part of Francesco’s anger it seems is that the stories are always negative, and focused on his so called criminal activity, but never focuses on all of the people he helps and employs. Once again, I had to tell him and Pepe.. “If you REFUSE to defend yourself, and give your side, then the people will only get the medias version of the story”. They basically nodded and agreed. He turned to Charlotte and said…: “I gave Theo Heyliger nothing for the last elections.”

And the implications were clear, that although he had been given Theo money in the past, he refused to in 2014. Not because of moral or ethical reasons, but because he had given Theo so much money already, and yet Theo was STILL more afraid of Holland than of Corallo. Corallo lost faith in Theo, because Theo is a man afraid of prison. Corallo assisted him, in order to get certain things done.. .Like getting a position on the Central Bank. Corallo at the time had Curacao Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte, set him up for a diplomatic position. A diplomatic position, would ensure that Francesco would be protected world wide, and with a diplomatic passport, could not be arrested. But everything had to go through Plasterk…….it’s all about integrity folks 🙂

And right now everyone in the Antilles are watching Plasterk sideways. In order to get Francesco a diplomatic position, and to get him immunity, they had to send for a letter of referene to Italy. The Italian authorities came back with a scathing report of Corallo. He was accused of virtually every felonious crime. When I repeated that, Francesco had Pepe bring me an official document in Italian, which I could read, but also the English translation.

Some judge in Italy wrote a little letter stating that “Francesco Corallo” was a ‘clean’ and ‘legit’ businessman. I still have that letter here with me.. Someone asked me how much Corallo paid the judge to write that rave revue of his character. I then understood why Francesco’s lawyers had always refused interviews. The only reason Charlotte and I got to speak to Corallo, was because we caught him unexpected, with no lawyer around to tell him to “STAY QUIET”. Corallo spoke openly about bribing politicians, but felt that we were focusing too much on his relationship with Theo.

When I asked about his relationship with Schotte.. all Corallo said was “Schotte went bad”. Now Charlotte was on her way to Curacao for the Babel case. A case in which Corallo had been subpoenaed to attend. Francesco told Charlotte “I’m not going to Curacao next week” Charlotte said “But you HAVE to, it’s a court order”. Francesco thought about it and said… if I am there, it will not be public.

Parliamentarian Silvio Matser Convicted of Tax Evasion and sentenced
Parliamentarian Silvio Matser Convicted of Tax Evasion

Charlotte focused her questions mostly on Schotte, but I read VERY LITTLE of what was actually said, in her article. Then he re-emphasized that he had given Theo no money last year. So I turned to him, and smiled and I said.. “That’s because you gave it to Silvio Matser” Corallo, nodded and agreed on my right. He said “I gave Silvio Matser $20.000” last elections. I continued smiling “And that’s why he was under investigation for tax evasion only weeks later. You TOLD Silvio not to give Theo any of the money, to use it for himself.” “When Silvio obeyed you, and gave Theo nothing, Theo set him up for that tax evasion case, now he’s convicted and going to prison.” And this is the only part of the interview that surprised me, Francesco nodded and smiled and said “Yes, I believe Theo set up Matser”

When asked about the Dutch sending new agents, Francesco acted like Holland needed his approval, and advice.. He said “Bring in the new agents”, The Netherlands needs to focus on building St Maarten, they need to focus on education, when I arrived here in 1975, St Maarten was nothing.

It was clear that Francesco felt that he had everything under control, and the Dutch presence was not wanted. He was dismissive of the Dutch showing, it seems in his mind he was simply calculating how many more people he would have to pay off, once the arrived from Holland.

Opinie by Hilbert Haar (SXM Today): 'Nederland moet stoppen met halsstarrige benadering Sint Maarten'
Opinie by Hilbert Haar (SXM Today): ‘Nederland moet stoppen met halsstarrige benadering Sint Maarten’

This is PART ONE of my blog “YOU CAN CALL ME FRANCESCO – OR ‘THE GODFATHER’ A lot more detailed conversations to come… When it comes to Charlotte’s coverage of the story. I already let Charlotte know how I feel. If the Volkskrant is going to send a reporter to cover a hard hitting story, then the reporter cannot be in AWE, and certainly can’t be in fear. If you are NOT up to the story, then send a reporter who is. Charlotte also interviewed many others in St Maarten including Editor of the Toilet Paper, Hilbert Haar. Hilbert Haar basically ADMITTED to Charlotte upon their introduction, that he is a gambling addict. A Poker addict.. He has no car, or anthing else because he spends his life at Corallo’s poker tables.

Right now Hilbert’s editorials are based on the great game of poker he played last night, and he is being paid to ADVERTISE Corallo’s poker tournaments… and he is not postin them as ads… but as editorials.. “Advertorials” 🙂

Today Hilbert Haar - example gambling advertorials in Today SXM
Today Hilbert Haar – example gambling advertorials in Today SXM
Today Hilbert Haar - example gambling advertorials in Today SXM
Today Hilbert Haar – example gambling advertorials in Today SXM
Today Hilbert Haar - example gambling advertorials in Today SXM
Today Hilbert Haar – example gambling advertorials in Today SXM

Hilbert Haar just wrote another furious article about the Dutch intervening, Van Raak… Charlotte. He’s very angry, because Charlotte REFUSED to use him as a source… why? Because he OPENLY admitted to her in his conversations… that basically Corallo owned him at the poker table… He is supposed to be an editor of an UNBIASED paper. He is questioning Bosman and Van Raaks authority and their accuracy, when they are saying the the underworld and the legit world are enmeshed, but he is very much Francesco’s slave.

When they shot the NOS TV interview which also featured myself, when the NOS camera woman focused in on Francesco’s “Beach Plaza Casino”.. she shot the video from….. The Parking lot of the TODAY PAPER. The Today Paper cannot publish regularly, because the Editor is a gambling addict, HOOKED on Poker, and all he has to do is cross the streets, for Corallo to hook him up with MORE free Chips 🙂 The best Hilbert could call me this time was an “idiot”, with Asperger 🙂 I think he mean “Idiot Savant”, but he’s to busy at Francesco’s poker tables to Google the word 🙂

judith Roumou | Foto NOS Dick Drayer
judith Roumou | Foto NOS Dick Drayer

Hilbert Haar has to get PAID per article to cover his casino debts, it’s called “A HIT JOB”, and it was what he did to the Buncampers and DOZENS of other people in St Maarten. Paid to write a slander piece, then living in fear.

Tweede Kamerleden Ronald van Raak (SP) en Andre Bosman (VVD)
Tweede Kamerleden Ronald van Raak (SP) en Andre Bosman (VVD)

I believe that Andre Bosman and Ronald Van Raak should visit St Maarten THEMSELVES! You are INVITED BY THE PEOPLE OF ST MAARTEN, TO SEE FOR YOURSELVES. With all due respect to Ms Charlotte Huisman. She said.. that she was being subtle.. I was told “Holland didn’t need to hear that Francesco admitted to bribing a current, sitting Parliamentarian by name Silvio Matser, $20.000 dollars cash”. That that very same Parliament is a convicted felon who should be in jail, but holds on to his Parliament seat,” while I JUDITH ROUMOU went to jail. Charlotte Huisman, it appears might be a very nice and cool lady, but The Volkskrant article had ZERO substance. Right now I’m giving Charlotte the benefit of the doubt, and I will say that out of FEAR… or AWE of the Billionaire, she held back.

The experts, journalist, bloggers and politicians who I spoke to in Holland about the article, were a lot harsher in their criticism of Charlotte’s coverage of Corallo.. I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

That’s why I LOVE being a blogger.. THEN you get the whole story.. I no longer trust any so called journalist or reporter. To…. Be . .. Continued!

Francesco Corallo having diner with Gerrit Schotte
Francesco Corallo having diner with Gerrit Schotte
Cicely van der Dijs Gerrit Schotte $73.442 en $140.000 van Bplus Giocolegale
Cicely van der Dijs Gerrit Schotte $73.442 en $140.000 van Bplus Giocolegale
2010 06 14 - Cicely van der Dijs-Vanddis - Bplus Francesco Corallo $73,422
Cicely van der Dijs Gerrit Schotte $73.442 en $140.000 van Bplus Giocolegale

20140613 – Cicely van der Dijs Gerrit Schotte $73.442 en $140.000 van Bplus GiocolegalePart two will be about “Babel” and why Corallo CANNOT go to Curacao, and what he means when he says “Schotte has gone bad”.

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  1. What a story… I admire you courage dear lady and will what happens at St, Maarten and Curacao day by day… thanks for the insides.

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