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ABC | Two teens sentenced to four years over killing of former Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela
Two teens send to four years in prison for their role in the killing of former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear (29) and her partner Thomas Henry Berry (39)

A Venezuelan court has sentenced two teens to four years in prison for their role in the killing of former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear and her partner last year.

The attorney-general’s office said the minors, aged 15 and 17, admitted taking part in the attack that killed the couple and wounded their five-year-old daughter in January 2014.

Ms Spear, 29, and partner Thomas Henry Berry, 39, were returning from a trip with their daughter when their car broke down on a remote stretch of highway outside the town of El Cambur in north-central Venezuela.

As a tow truck operator tried to help, a group of gunmen opened fire on the vehicle, killing the couple.

Ten people were arrested for the crime, including the two minors.

The first three, aged 18, 19 and 21, pleaded guilty and were sentenced last September to prison terms of 24 to 26 years.

Prosecutors said the 17-year-old took part in the murders and committed aggravated robbery. The 15-year-old was charged with resisting arrest, theft and conspiracy.

In addition to their prison terms, they were sentenced to six months’ probation.

The five remaining suspects are currently on trial.

Ms Spear was Miss Venezuela in 2004 and competed in the Miss Universe pageant the next year, finishing as fourth runner-up. She was also a TV actress.

The killings outraged Venezuela and caused president Nicolas Maduro to move up implementation of a nationwide anti-crime plan.

The South American country has the second-highest homicide rate in the world — 82 per 100,000 residents last year, according to watchdog groups.

Bron: ABCNews

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  1. schandalig-slechts 4 jaar voor een dubbele moord-dit zou de doostraf moeten zijn of min imaal levenslang.Wat is de wereld toch laag gezakt dat een moord nauwelijks word bestraft.

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