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AD | ‘Mensensmokkel façade drugshandel’

Met de maatregel hoopt Aruba enigszins grip te kunnen krijgen op de migratiestroom.

Willemstad – De recente vermissing van 32 opvarenden van een gezonken bootje uit Venezuela op weg naar Curaçao is een aanwijzing dat de mensensmokkel op deze route wordt gecontroleerd door drugscriminelen. Verder lezen

InsightCrime | Suspicious shipwreck in Venezuela reveals drug route to the Dutch Caribbean

Forensische medewerkers dragen het lichaam van een omgekomen boorvluchteling Ⓒ REUTERS

The sinking of a small ship that was heading towards Curaçao from Venezuela and the disappearance of all its occupants could be an indication that drug trafficking groups are also controlling the traffic routes of people in the region. Verder lezen

Opinion | Venezuela, the new regional crime hub

Opinion by Jeremy McDermott | New York Times

Aruba and Trinidad and Tobago have become contraband centers. Cheap Venezuelan gasoline gushes across the Colombian and Brazilian borders. And over a million Venezuelans have fled their collapsing country in the last 12 months. Many of these are desperate people, sick and hungry. They will work for a hot meal. They are being exploited and recruited by organized crime. Cristian Hernandez/EPA, via Shutterstock

MEDELLÍN, Colombia — Venezuela has become a regional crime hub, with profound consequences for Latin America and beyond. And with another Nicolás Maduro term, the roots of organized crime in that country will spread further. Verder lezen

InSightCrime | Drug trafficking within the Venezuelan regime: The ‘Cartel of the Suns’

In Latin America, criminal entrepreneurs in the form of cartels, have traditionally run drug trafficking. In Venezuela, it is managed from within government, and if Nicolás Maduro wins another term in office, Venezuela’s position in the global cocaine business will solidify. Verder lezen

DH | Prime Minister Romeo Marlin travels to Washington for Trustfund of $580 million

SXM premier Leona Romeo-Marlin | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG –A delegation of the World Bank is visiting Sint Maarten this week to help with the preparation of the early priority projects. The World Bank delegation is focused on disaster preparedness and emergency recovery projects, such as the repairs of the police stations, urgent repairs of shelters and equipment for the fire department. Verder lezen

Crimesite | Dit zijn de gevaarlijkste landen van Latijns-Amerika

Zr.Ms. Zeeland onderschepte recent nog 600 kilo cocaïne in de Caribische kustwateren

InSight Crime, dat onderzoek doet naar georganiseerde misdaad in Latijns-Amerika, heeft de moordcijfers van 2017 gepubliceerd van de verschillende landen uit het gebied. Het gevaarlijkste land is Venezuela met bijna 27.000 moorden. Per 100.000 inwoners zijn dat 89 moorden.  Verder lezen

InsightCrime | Is ‘Narco Nephews’ sentencing a political message to Venezuela?

Analysis | Written by Venezuela Investigative Unit

Efrain Antonio Campo Flores and Francisco Flores de Freitas

The sentence handed down in a US court to nephews of Venezuela’s first lady is anything but lenient, and it seems to be a diplomatic message to President Nicolás Maduro in response to his “anti-democratic” governance. Verder lezen

InsightCrime | The Big Winner in Venezuela Elections? Organized Crime

Analysis | Written by Venezuela Investigative Unit

Venezuela’s gubernatorial elections results have been met with fraud allegations

Venezuela’s ruling party has reportedly won a majority of governorships throughout the country in a recent election that was denounced as fradulent by opposition groups. But the real winner of the controversial vote seems to be organized crime, as the current administration has both supported and received support from criminal elements to which it is closely tied. Verder lezen

InsightCrime | Venezuela economic crisis fueling piracy on Caribbean coast

Suspected pirates surrender to crew members of U.S. Coast Guard

Venezuela’s dire economic situation is fueling piracy off the coastal state of Sucre, providing one example of the various illicit activities growing along the country’s Caribbean coast that have come to affect local communities. Verder lezen

InsightCrime | Venezuela First Lady’s brother implicated in international drug deal

By Mike LaSusa

DEA agent: Venezuela's 'narco nephews' used presidential runway to traffic drugs |  (AP Photo/Elizabeth Williams)

DEA agent: Venezuela’s ‘narco nephews’ used presidential runway to traffic drugs | (AP Photo/Elizabeth Williams)

The brother of Venezuela’s first lady reportedly set up an international cocaine trafficking deal that landed her nephews in US federal court, another indication that involvement in the drug trade reaches high levels of the Venezuelan government. Verder lezen

InsightCrime | Minister Denies Venezuela Has a Drug Problem at UN Assembly

By Sam Tambory

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez

Venezuela’s foreign minister has stated in front of the United Nations that her country does not have an endemic drug trafficking problem despite overwhelming evidence the country has become a key drug transshipment point.  Verder lezen