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• zaterdag 30 september 2023

Telegraaf | Man gearresteerd in onderzoek naar moord op rapper Tupac Shakur

De politie in Las Vegas heeft een man gearresteerd in het onderzoek naar de moord op de wereldberoemde rapper Tupac Shakur 27 jaar geleden. Dat melden Amerikaanse...

Democracy now! | Friday, September 29, 2023

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Democracy Now!’s War and Peace Report provides our audience...

Extra | Journaal 29 september 2023

Elke werkdag het laatste nieuws van Extra, nu ook in het Nederlands. Bron: Extra

DolfijnFM | Herdenkingsmonument Julianabrug wordt gerenoveerd

Het herdenkingsmonument, dat is geplaatst voor de slachtoffers van het instorten van de Julianabrug, wordt aangepakt. Zo is de verlichting niet meer up to date, en wordt...

DolfijnFM | Groot concert ter ere van Tula

Op het Brionplein vindt morgen het Bos di Libertat-festival plaats, een groot concert ter ere van Tula. Het concert is onderdeel van de Siman di Kultura en...

DolfijnFM | Ministers om tafel voor oplossing geweld op scholen

De ministeries van Onderwijs en Justitie hebben samengezeten om geweld op scholen aan te pakken. Het is al langer bekend dat vechtpartijen op scholen toenemen, dus was...
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Blog JR | How to lose a million dolars the fast and easy way

HomeAuteursBlog JR | How to lose a million dolars the fast and...

SXM Bobol Politics blog | by Judith Roumou

Cornelius and Petrus Leroy de Weevr
Cornelius and Petrus Leroy de Weever Tutorial about how to lose a millilon dollars fast

Tutorial by Leroy and Corneluis de Weever. Yesterday as I was heading to Parliament- some minutes late because of the police calls, I ran into Theo Heyliger and Cornelius de Weever on their way out. I asked Theo almost jokingly who he had call me at the police station to distract me from the meeting.

Theo greeted me as usual, laughed said it wasn’t me. Then Cornelius was right behind him- and Cornelius actually nodded to me and said hello. Very unusual, considering the last time he spoke to me, was the incident on Frontstreet when he was Minister-Leroy was Parliamentarian, and Leroy kneed me and took my Samsung. Cornelius and I used to speak fine before that. Had Cornelius been able to talk sense into his uncle, had the police been able to talk sense into his uncle. Leroy wouldn’t have lost his Parliament seat, nor his bid to become Minister.

I can look Cornelius de Weever and ANY de Weever in the eye- and I do boldly- because I wasn’t the one who robbed them, or did them wrong. St Maarteners love to preach about equality and democracy, but some have very little self worth, because nobody should be able to commit a crime against you and get away, even if they are a Parliamentarian or Minister- even if they are supposed to have immunity.

I can look Cornelius, Millicent and Leroy in the eyes, because my karma is clean. I did not approach or contact Leroy de Weever that day. I had a verbal exchange with his sister Millicent. Millicent came cold- but I came back colder. She didn’t like that- it was like ‘how dare she?’ in the country where we preach of “equality”. TO THIS DAY MY SAMSUNG HAS NOT BEEN REPLACED OR RETURNED- AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY I AM HOLDING ON TO THIS.

My work equipment- freshly bought from my Google adsense money was STOLEN days after it was bought- and never returned.

Taco Stein is either incompetent or ‘bought’- simple, because the case is simple enough, and there are enough witnesses. I will NEVER let it go, until there are amends- and if they don’t believe me, they can ask Julian Rollocks how forgiving I am. Guess what? You can’t forgive someone who refuses to acknowledge how they’ve wronged you. Can someone explain that to the de Weevers?

Cornelius de Weever, I believe is the one who made the greatest error in judgement, and even greater error than Leroy de Weever. Cornelius had assisted me in getting my SVB, gone out of his way to help me, so we were on speaking terms- and politically neutral terms. Cornelius was there the whole time, he did not encourage his uncle, in fact when his uncle smashed my phone to the ground, Connie picked it up and put it back together.

The bicycle patrol then approached Leroy to do the right thing, he drove away to ‘attend a meeting’. I went to the hospital, I filed a report at the police station with Van Dam, and the case was handed over to the Lands Recherche. The Lands Recherche eventually handed the case over to the Prosecutor- and Taco Stein, who has been stalling- according to my sources for various reasons, including cronyism.

In all this time, in all these months- before the elections, they could have tried to settle this. THEY ROBBED ME! Yet, I lost and could not get back my SVB, they ran to Bibi Hodge Shaw to run the slander campaign- but all they were doing was setting themselves and Bibi up….. who attacked Connie more than Bibi when he defected? 🙂

When Bibi got blows all over the internet- which de Weever stood up and defended her? That’s right,none they hate her guts. These people are supposed to be intelligent, and they thought that running to Bibi Shaw, and kissing Taco Steins ass, or dropping my SVB would make me cave and drop the charges? That shows you how well these people know me.

Rather than Cornelius simply getting his lawyers together with me, a mediator, the prosecutor, my legal representatives, acknowledging fault and making amends- they decided to drag out the court case- hoping that I would back down- or die or something. Nope! How much has my $200 Samsung Tablet cost Leroy and Cornelius de Weever?

It soon came out that Leroy getting intoxicated and physically assaulting people was the ‘norm’ for him, so when I filed charges- his own best ex-best friends, and family who he had assaulted all had to stop me to tell me their story. It’s a pattern.

According to my DP Board sources, Sarah used the charges and the case as a reason to not run Leroy on the slate, instead she used Cornelius- don’t pretend that Leroy wanted to retired, because if he did he wouldn’t be trying to get Minister, he would be relaxing at his ranch in Virginia. Let’s calculate..

Parliamentarians are paid over $500.000 in their four year term- and the make even MORE under the table, and with their perks, benefits, chauffeured rides, personal staff etc. Ministers make even more, and get even more under the table.

So far that $200 dollar Tablet has cost Leroy over 1 MILLION dollars, and we’re not even including lawyers fees, and the people who google “Tendall Real Estate, and read about exactly what a monster Leroy is. Yet they won’t settle- because that would be admitting to wrong doing. So they will continue to lose millions over that $200 dollar Samsung. Had my case which was titled “The Potfish” case by the Lands Recherche, not been valid.

The first thing Leroy de Weever would have done was to counter sue for defamation, and character assassination, legit charges, considering he is a public figure, and his ‘reputation’ and ‘popularity’ contribute directly to his income.

Leroy de Weever is a man with a lot of lawyers, who loves to threaten to sue. I have the entire Parliament witness him- on camera- screaming at me that he would SUE me, because I had posted some photos with him, Cor Merx and Roy Marlin- and I had titled the post “The Plot Thickens”- Leroy rushed up Parliament stairs and in front of everyone threaten to sue me, because he claimed that I insinuated that he was plotting.

Now a person like that- wouldn’t they sue over something as serious as this? You’ve been accused of assault, battery, theft, death threats and destruction of property, but you don’t run to your lawyers to counter sue- get the case to court quickly before the elections, and clear your name..

No, you run to Bibi Hodge Shaw- and claimed harassment when you sought me out that day, I hadn’t spoken nor seen you- I had spoken to your sister. How much more money will this little Samsung cost the de Weevers? Well they know by now that I will NEVER let it go.

Several months ago, out of the blue- certain departments under Cornelius de Weever, who had been ignoring and even slandering me for months, actually got very nice with me. Started assisting me, anything I needed. Now my first reaction when people are being nice to me in St Maarten is.. where’s the catch? What are their ulterior motives? Turns out, Cornelius and company KNEW that they would try to appoint Leroy, so they started acting ‘nice’, when all they had to do was admit to their wrong-doing and settle the case- in or out of court… How STUPID are they?

It doesn’t matter how nice you are to me now, when you STILL have my stolen equipment, and STILL have never admitted to wrongdoing- but instead LIED!!! How do you forgive and let go…… when the person never admits to doing anything to be forgiven for? I am here typing on my HP Windows 8, as I’m backing up my Samsung Windows 7, and editing on an Apple Mac…AND I STILL WANT RESTITUTION FROM MY LITTLE SAMSUNG TABLET!!! I STILL WILL NOT LET IT GO!

If you’ve been robbed, and you know who robbed you and up to a year later, they want forgiveness but haven’t returned your property, would you give in? If you would, you would be a fool. I will be visiting Taco Stein, but in all honesty, I can’t expect the man who was involved in the cover up of a missing teenager- Natalee Hollaway to do the right thing.

Our Police chief Peter de Witter, Taco Stein and Hans Mos are like those pedophile priests, who when they molested children would simply be transferred. After the Natalee Holloway case, and Peter, Taco and Hans’ connection to the covering up and botching the case in which the main suspect Joran Van der Sloot dad was their CLOSE FRIEND AND ASSOCIATE, they should have been forced to resign, not sent to St Maarten to be involved in more crime, and to botch more cases. Like I told Taco Stein’s assistant- I will be at the Prosecutors Office in my own due time.

This case, which should have been a minor matter, will continue to HAUNT all parties involved- it’s not going away. Cornelius de Weever, I can boldly look you in the eyes, because I never assaulted you, or threatened you, or stole your equipment- that’s why I can look you in the eyes, and you have to look away- uncomfortable- I bet you thought that one year later, that whole bachannal that went down on Frontstreet will be over-right? Guess what? If you so called ‘elite’ don’t do the right, moral, ethical thing- 12 months from now- 24 months from now this case will still be haunting you- still costing you money.

The Prosecutors office because they are tight with Leroy might not punish you, but that’s all right, since you evidently are good at punishing yourselves 🙂

Bron: sxmgovernment

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