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Possible explanation of Francesco Corallo’s smile on his’s face when he left the courthouse after his latest hearing last friday | Daily Herald

We do not know what is happening behind the scenes of course but it seems that the imminent conditional release of casinoking Francesco Corallo is a sensitive topic.

The continued posponements of a ruling about his request to suspend his extradiction-detention cannot be explained any other way.

Yesterday the judges of the Common Court of Justice asked just one question (tht we are aware off): Is electronic supervision possible in St. Maarten?

Of course that is possible and it is slightly stunning that the judges are not aware of this.

At the same time the question seems to imply that the judges are considering granting Corallo his freedom again – at least untill the extradition hearing for which untill now a date has not been set.

That perspective may explain the smile on Corallo’s face when he left the courthouse yesterday afternoon.

Editorial of SXM Today Francesco Corallo June 9, 2017

Bron: SMXToday

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