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PB | Cathedral of Thorns: A New Year

Herman van Bergen & Daisy Casimiri 

Cathedral of Thorns: A New Year | Gail Johnson

WILLEMSTAD – Dear friends and partners, If there was ever a year that we all deserved an extra-long and festive Holiday Season, it would be this year. But earlier this month, in yet another COVID press conference, it became apparent that this was not in the cards. This newsletter was ready to be sent out. We had it all thought out.

It was about gratitude, hope, rest and time for family; about how, after a year with many unexpected turns and imposed restrictions, during the Holidays we would finally have time for each other, to recharge and look ahead and not think about work or worry about money, to continue and survive, for a moment. And then the restrictions were extended with a curfew for Christmas and New Year’s.

We must be smart, so we can carry on in these uncertain times, it is important that we do not paralyze in fear and drop everything, but rather move with agility, so we can carry on. ‘The new normal’ is not normal; and it shouldn’t because the previous “normal” had a bad connection with earth, we can all agree on that. But the old normal, also, will not just disappear, so we have to mold ourselves to the circumstances, in order to stay productive in expressing our feelings and emotions. Especially in the vital sector of art and culture, the soul of humankind.

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As artists and entrepreneurs, we appeal to your sense of hope and solidarity. After all, as a close-knit community, temporarily isolated from the outside world, all we have is each other. Together we hope for economic recovery and prepare to one day welcome large numbers of visitors again. To use our stage for music and all other artistic expressions. But until then, we need to stick together to keep ourselves alive.

Especially now, in these difficult times, our community needs art. It is in art where history, thoughts, crafts, feelings and emotions come together in collaboration. That’s why we want to continue building the Cathedral of Thorns not just as a symbol of hope, but as a testament to the strength and resilience of our community.

2021 will undoubtedly bring us more challenges, but together we can take them on. We hope that it will be a powerful, productive and – above all – a healthy and virus-free year. And of course, we very much look forward to picking up our art, education and stage activities back again once the restrictions are lifted.

We wish you and everyone you care about a New Year filled with love, prosperity, rest and recovery! We will embrace each other again…

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…and until that time, a huge virtual hug!

Un brasa grandi,

Herman van Bergen & Daisy Casimiri
Cathedral of Thorns & Fundashon di Artista

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