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CC | Venezuelan accused of fraud threatens Curaçao Chronicle with court case

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WILLEMSTAD – In a letter from his lawyer, the Venezuelan developer Luis Correa, who is being accused by several investors of fraud and embezzlement, threatened to take the news site Curaçao Chronicle (CC) to court after an article was published about it on December 10, 2021.

Correa demands that CC removes the article because according to him, it is not based on facts. The project referred to in the article is Piscadera Harbor Village (PHV).

First, CC does not intend to modify not a single letter from that article. The facts that the news site has brought forth are not from one single source but from several. Curaçao Chronicle has complaints from PHV owners/investors about the lack of accountability or balances in over 9 years. CC also has the lawyer’s letter where it is stated that Correa will not present the annual accounts to anyone and if the owners want to see these financial numbers, they will have to look for an external auditor and pay for this themselves.

In a phone interview, CC asked for evidence to back up all that Correa was stating. This was promised to CC reporters, but these documents never came. And after the publication, all CC received was a letter from Correa’s lawyer with the threat and demand to remove the article immediately.

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One question remains to be answered now. How is it that the lawyer says that the owners/investors owe money to Correa but he is now willing to present the financial numbers or the annual accounts?

The lawyer says that the project is ready and only the remaining building is almost finnished and it belongs to a man who owes 3.4 mm of Naf to PHV or to Correa. What about the unfinished foundations at the entrance? We called this area the PHV front. What about these buildings? They are all abandoned. This was never finished. No one needs anyone telling them that the project is finished, they can see for themselves that the PHV is a ghost town.

What about the debt to utility company Aqualectra? The other services like the gardening etc. PHV owes thousands of dollars to these companies. Is that the fault of owners/investors? Shouldn’t Correa as the administrator comply with his duties and take care of this problem? Correa took money from the owners but never paid these companies.

The total abandonment of the areas in front of PHV and that are part of the master plan have caused the value of the apartments to go down. CC spoke to several experts about this while we are still waiting for the promised documents to prove that the project will be continued. Even the director of the company Key Management Group which manages the complex, Alex Lacle says he cannot raise the rent due to the deterioration of the complex.

Several of the owners of buildings B, C and D have had structural damage problems in their apartments and BSL, the company owned by Correa, has not responded to them, all having to pay for repairs, leaks, roofs, furniture without being compensated for this by the builder and developer Luis Correa. CC has proof of this.

CC can go one mentioning other projects, but we will leave it to PHV for now. But the curious thing is that every project constructed by this developer Luis Correa ends up either abandoned or in court. And this is the issue for CC. This must stop. People like Luis Correa have done nothing but ruin Curaçao’s reputation. Again, this must stop!

CC will have more reports on the Airport Hotel and the Plantation House Stadsrust in the Saliña area.

Bron: Curacao Chronicle

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