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Vandaag laten we James Brandon aan het woord.

Dear Hon Silie,

I have been dealing, well over a month, with an online casino (Rich Casino. that is licensed in your country. They have owed me money, from winnings on their casino site, for at least a month and since then have given me many excuses not to pay.

They have forced me to provide the same documentation a few times and also demanded more money to be deposited just to get the money they already owe me.

This online casino is licensed by Curaçao eGaming, base in Curaçao. I have made several complaints to them for several weeks and have only so far received one email from them back. After a month, they have not resolved this matter.

I have done research online and have seen that this seems to be a common pattern with this casino. The casino is owned by Blacknote Entertainment Group Inc. They have several online casinos and many of which is licensed by Curaçao eGaming.

How is an online casino still able to operate when they do not pay out what is owed to customers. The online casino has complaints worldwide and I can imagine the impact on the reputation of Curaçao in general if an online casino, licensed by a Curaçao licensing agency, is cheating customers internationally.

I will be reporting this to my local authorities and have already sent this to the media. I also plan on letting others know my experience if this is the way this casino is allowed to cheat customers and not have any accountability.

More information about this Curaçao licensed casino can be found on:

James Brandon

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  1. Renée van Aller

    Licensed to disown the client, enrich the owners and the government as (un)lawfully as possible. Look like the methods used by the Dutch lottery (staatsloterij, lottery owned by the Dutch government), falsehood, flattery, fabrication and robbery. It is quite common that governments rob their own citizens as much and skilfully as possible. They do that extremely well and spy in an amazing manner to see how the competition is doing. And of course that way, the competition can be outmanoeuvred. Renée van Aller&John de Vries

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