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Blog Sulbaran | Curacao small island, big problems (part 1) – The real story behind curacao’s politics

Jorge 'Palu Djo' Sulbaran: "Op een walgelijke manier en zonder respect voor onze mensen, heeft de Nederlandse Caroline ‘Viezerik’ Fiévez, deken van de Orde van Advocaten, een klacht ingediend tegen Peppie Sulvaran."
De visie van MFK/Reforma-politicus Jorge ‘Palu Djo’ Sulbaran over de moord op Helmin Wiels en de sociaal-maatschappelijke problemen van Curaçao

It was 10.10.10 the day Curaçao became an autonomous nation in the Dutch Kingdom, NOT everybody was happy but there was optimism from the side of the “NO” party’s. But sorrow in the “YES” party’s! Since the referendum a year before the small Caribbean nation with 145.600 inhabitants was divided in NO and YES! A slight majority of the people (52%) voted YES for the Dutch imposed Kingdom Laws, to supervise the island’s Public Finance and Judicial System, while 48% rejected the Kingdom Laws and strived for a total autonomous government without the interference of the Dutch rulers!

After the election on August 28th. 2010, (6 weeks before Curaçao would become a nation in the Dutch Kingdom), things turned around and the NO supported Party’s won the majority of votes and kept the biggest party PAR out of the first government of Nation Curaçao.

The NO voters, being patriots and independents, supported Socialist and Independents Helmin Wiels, Democrat Gerrit Schotte and Social Democrat Charles Cooper.

While the YES voters, rewarded righty capitalist party PAR, which was the ruling party for more than 15 years, with 8 seats in parliament, not enough to control government!

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Highly disappointed PAR financers were left without the political power they enjoyed for so many years. Obviously they could not accept the fact that PAR was not the ruling party anymore.

Most to the despair of the elite, headed by Dr. Emsley Tromp president of the Curaçao Central Bank, and Dutch rulers!

Power was handed over to the youngest Prime Minister of the world 35 y.o. Dr. h.c. Gerrit Schotte! For the first time since the Spaniards arrived in 1499, the island was again on the route to sovereignty!

However, there was nothing to celebrate! Instead of obtaining total autonomy and control of the government, the new leaders were obliged to sign the so called “End Declaration” which contained the malicious Consensus Kingdom Laws.

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Since then the island has found itself struggling through endless political crisis and treason that ended with the murder of a leading politician in an unprecedented act of violence against a public official!

This is the real story
Just after 10.10.10 a prominent Dutch Politician Alexander Pechthold, proclaimed that the findings of oil and gas reserves in the territorial waters of the Dutch Caribbean (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) would mean a new “World Economy”.

Since then the Dutch rulers have done everything in their means to control and recolonize the Islands.

Dutch rulers immediately realized that the new government of Curaçao headed by Gerrit Schotte and Helmin Wiels could not be controlled as they did with the PAR government of the past.

The only way they would have something to say was through the Kingdom laws, which handed over the supervision and control over the island’s public finance and judicial system, to the Dutch rulers. 

Notwithstanding these laws, Helmin Wiels and Gerrit Schotte rejected to act on the orders of the Dutch and went their own way, which resulted in a string of events that has left the young country questioning its future.

Dutch rulers used the island Governor Fritz Goedgedrag, to orchestrate a coup d’état, to overthrow the first ever autonomous government of Curaçao. Three prime ministers have taken office since then, enacting sweeping policy changes to the sales tax and public pension and health care systems.

A minority government was put in power, after senator Glenn Sulvaran, with 257 votes under his name, was bribed with a 4 million investment in a foundation, known as FDRS.

Sulvaran a former political enemy of Wiels, left his party (PAR) with his seat and surprised everyone by joining Wiels to form a coalition. Wiels formed a coalition with his former enemies Alex Rosaria and Eugene Cleopha.

Everyone expected the worse of this strange mangle of Socialist party Pueblo Soberano and the extreme Righty Capitalist party pays. A so called “Task Cabinet” was put in place, composed by professionals. They lasted only 3 months.

Wiels avoided to assume his responsibility as head of government and accepted a former enemy, PAR member Daniel Hodge, to become Prime Minister. Also, Wiels was taken off powerful positions such as Minister of Justice and President of Parliament, formerly held by Pueblo Soberano, but now in the hands of Pais.

Unfortunately, Wiels did not live enough to see his “Task Cabinet” be transformed into a Political Cabinet, with Ivar Asjes (Who claimed to have inherited Wiels’ votes) as prime minister. Under this minority government, unemployment and poverty rates skyrocketed, and the once peaceful island in the Caribbean was converted into a Criminal dominated country.

Meanwhile Curaçao, located just off the coast of South America, has become a significant piece in the (cold) relationship between Venezuela and the United States, which keeps a US military installation on the island as part of its anti-narcotics mission.

Venezuela still under control of the “Chavistas”, has accused US planes stationed in Curaçao of violating its airspace and spying.

The autonomous country in the Dutch Caribbean, hit a previously unthinkable low point in early May 2013. Highly popular Senator Helmin Wiels was murdered while buying food at a beach side food stand, in suburban Marie Pampoen, just minutes outside Willemstad.

Mr. Wiels, an outspoken advocate for independence from the Dutch and an anti-corruption crusader, led the “Pueblo Soberano” (Sovereign People) political party and was seen as a hero by his largely poor political base.

He was not liked by the elite establishment, neither by the Dutch rulers. He was seen as an enemy to the Dutch State because of his anti-Dutch views and independence pledge. He was committed to proclaim the island’s independence as soon as possible.

The Dutch intelligence was afraid of the convocation power Wiels held. Apparently, Wiels was also guarded by a group of very tough criminals headed by E.M. (Mysteriously Killed on November 16th. 2012). Still, there was no way Wiels could be controlled by anyone.

Help of USA State Department was called in for advice and support. (TO BE CONTINUED).

By Jorge Sulbaran

Lees hier meer van Reforma en MFK politicus Jorge ‘Palu Djo’ Sulbaran

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3 reacties

  1. Wat een onzin, typisch Curaçaose onzin.
    Wordt toch onafhankelijk, neem een eigen paspoort en alle problemen zijn opgelost. Nederland zal met een zucht van verlichting afscheid nemen.

  2. Misschien kunnen we overgaan tot de orde vd Dag en ons druk maken over de kriminalidat hier op ons eiland.
    Wat heb je aan gebasel van Sulbaran.

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