DH | Twenty guns found after deadly chase

Twenty guns found after deadly chase | Daily Herald

WILLEMSTAD–Two persons died and six were injured in Curaçao during a police chase early Friday morning that ended in a violent crash on Kaya Mitologia, St. Joris.

The accident took place after authorities noted a suspect Honda CR-V SUV with eight occupants. The Coast Guard had detected an unidentified vessel coming to shore earlier, which prompted a search of the area in question on land.

The sports utility van’s (SUV’s) driver led police on a wild chase through the streets on the eastern side of the island as things were thrown out of the car. During the pursuit officers fired shots and hit one of the passengers.

Due to excessive speed the car crashed into a church wall, killing a man and woman. The other six; four men and two women were taken to the hospital for medical treatment. The one who was shot is in serious condition.

Not all the people involved had yet been identified, but the two deceased were reported to be Venezuelans. Among the injured four are from Venezuela and two from the Dominican Republic who supposedly live on the island.

Inside the vehicle officers found wet clothes, luggage and 20 firearms including eight pistols and 12 revolvers plus bullet cartridges and ammunition of .28 and .38 calibre and .38 special. They also found 19 bags of marijuana, of which five were marked with the Venezuelan flag.

It thus became obvious that these weren’t just illegal migrants, but weapons- and drugs smugglers. The investigation continues.

Bron: Daily Herald

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