DH | Richardson says border security will be beefed up

The border at Oyster Pond is one of the lesser used crossings blocked due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The action to block the crossing at Oyster Pond and the one in the Lowlands was to reduce movement between the Dutch side and French side as a means of halting community spread of the virus. However, the blockage at Oyster Pond is not complete, an enterprising resident simply can squeeze on either side of the shipping container barrier. The only hazard on one side is the bushes.

PHILIPSBURG–In response to videos circulating on social media depicting persons crossing the border at the closed border points, Justice Minister Anna Richardson said during the virtual Council of Ministers press briefing on Wednesday morning that authorities are discussing how to increase security at these crossings to avoid unauthorised movement.

Richardson lamented these “unsupported” border crossings because it now forces law enforcement personnel to divert attention away from other areas in order to secure the closed borders at Cupecoy and Oyster Pond. “[This – Ed.] takes away from already trying to be of assistance to the community in other sectors,” she said.

When asked by reporters about her plans to prevent unauthorised movement, Richardson said the Justice Ministry and Police Chief Carl John are discussing deploying law enforcement personnel to man the closed border crossings.

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs and Préfète Déléguée Sylvie Feucher will also discuss how “joint security will be beefed up,” according to Richardson.

“Though certain citizens within our community might not agree with all the decisions being made, there is a larger picture here. Being able to block borders or put precautionary measures in place is not with ill intent, but rather for the greater good and protection in this pandemic,” said Richardson.

She encouraged persons to use only the open border crossings at Bellevue/Cole Bay and at Belvedere/French Quarter. Persons wanting to cross the open border points must be in possession of the required documentation, she said.

“Whilst we seek the cooperation from the general public in understanding the situation we are in, we do have individuals that are just not abiding by this and we have to take measures. It [non-compliance] can lead to even more stringent measures [being put in place] to be able to protect the society,” said Richardson.

Bron: Daily Herald

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  1. Abraham Mossel

    @ een van de clan RichardsonS familie die al decennia lang aan het roei op het eiland zitten en daarbij ook decennia lang het eiland leeg geroofd hebben NU NOG, en laten we de familie Claude Worthy niet vergeten.

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