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One would almost have to admire his political savvy if the whole thing wasn’t so crazy. Clark Abraham is back as commissioner in Bonaire only two weeks after he re-entered the Island Council and in no time managed to bring about a change in government.

To be fair, the son of long-time PDB leader Jopi Abraham was the red party’s biggest vote-getter while heading its candidate list in the 2015 election. He became commissioner, but was subsequently “left out looking in” after the then “watermelon coalition” with green party UPB fell apart.

Later, problems occurred between PDB’s fraction leader Robby Beukenboom and councilman Michael Pieters. The latter recently resigned to allow Abraham back in, who subsequently broke with the opposition party, declared himself independent and soon after formed a new coalition with MPB and independent member Nunu Raphaela.

Abraham becoming commissioner meant the PDB Island Council seat is again vacant, but will once more go to – believe it or not – the same Pieters, who formally remains next in line, presumably so he too can go independent and ensure the incoming Executive Council is still supported by a majority. That readers may have trouble following all of this is no wonder, because it’s a basically-unheard-of political game of musical chairs.

Only in the Dutch Caribbean, some would say.

Bron: Dail Herald

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