CC | Screening new ‘formateur’ not ready yet

Screening new ‘formateur’ not ready yet

WILLEMSTAD – A week ago the Governor of Curaçao Lucille George-Wout informed about her intentions to appoint Ruthmilda Larmonie-Cecilia as the ‘formateur’ of a new government.

She will be in charge of forming an interim government that will govern until a new coalition is formed after the elections.

But up until now, Larmonie-Cecilia has not begun her work as ‘formateur’. According to several sources, the screening process is not ready yet. This is why Larmonie-Cecilia cannot formally start her work. She did approach the political parties forming the new coalition to see what their intentions are and which candidate-minister they would like to propose.

Several politicians indicated that they cannot understand why it is taking so long. Larmonie-Cecilie went through a screening process already to become a minister in the current government. They asked why another screening process.

Bron: CuracaoChronicle

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