CC | Defense team Jamaloodin already on the attack

Ex Finance minister George Jamaloodin’s defense team with one oif his lawyer’s ex- Justice minister mr. Rutsel Martha and his PI Elise Krielen

WILLEMSTAD – George Jamaloodin’s defense team is in full attack just before the appeal on June 9. Lawyer and private investigator Elise Krielen of criminal investigation agency A Fondo from Vught does not want certain reports about her involvement in the defense team of George Jamaloodin to remain online.

The former minister was convicted in the first instance of provoking the murder of politician Helmin Wiels and was sentenced to 28 years in prison.

Krielen recently requested the Knipselkrant Curacao to remove an article from the news site Kingdom This would create the appearance that Krielen is trying to influence the media just before the ruling of the Maximus trial of August 13, 2019.

Initially, the editorial staff of the Knipselkrant received a request for removal, exactly nine days before Maximus’ planned appeal. That date was subsequently postponed by the Court due to corona measures to June 9.

Critical attitude

The arrows are now aimed at the Knipselkrant Curacao itself. According to the Knipselkrant, Krielen has no legal basis to request removal of the article and the question arises from the critical attitude of that site towards the gambling sector of Curaçao and Sint Maarten, of which Jamaloodin would be involved. In their own words, the Knipselkrant is criticized by this sector with great regularity and in all sorts of ways.

Both from the network of the thousands of offshore online casinos themselves, as well as from lottery king Robbie dos Santos, his business partner Francesco Corallo and his brothers Amparo dos Santos and George Jamaloodin, the editor-in-chief said. But especially also from the financial, fiscal, legal and public relations world around these gambling sector service providers.

De Knipselkrant finds it remarkable that detective agency A Fondo did not turn to the author himself at the time and now six months later to the Knipselkrant.

According to the editor, tensions for free media are rising again in the run-up to the Maximus appeal and it is important for her colleagues to exercise the necessary vigilance in order to safeguard their objectivity.

Bron; CuracaoChronicle

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  1. KKC commentpolis

    Deze reactie is verwijderd wegens strijd met de regels

  2. ericlapas

    Tot nu toe zijn alle verdachten die bij deze zaak betrokken waren en vrij gesproken zijn, door een advocaat uit Nederland vertegenwoordigd. Als Jamalodin het met Martha moet doen, voorstelt dat niet veel goeds voor hem.

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