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SMNNetwork | Audit Chamber report reveals abuse of public funds

It is like watching the same film year after year, the same structural errors, a continued lack of reliable information, and with that, the same passivity.”

PHILIPSBURG –- Successive governments since 10-10-10 have been epic failures. That’s not an opinion, but a statement based on findings of the General Audit Chamber that are published in its report Retrospective – Ten years of the General Audit Chamber. “There has not been much in terms of positive change and accountability is still absent. Verder lezen

SMNnews | The ENNIA-saga: How Ansary fought the Central Bank every step of the way

Richard Gibson streek 7,5 miljoen op

PHILIPSBURG – After ignoring instructions from the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten for years, the court in Curacao placed insurance company ENNIA under the rules of the emergency measure in July 2018. The measure gave the Central Bank full control over all relevant decisions and took away this power from major shareholder Hushang Ansary, supervisory boards and directors. Verder lezen | Sint-Maarten in verlegenheid om dood isoleerpatiënt

Persbureau Curacao

De nieuwssite claimt dat de vrouw aan haar lot is overgelaten | Jacqueline Hooftman

Sint-Maarten is in verlegenheid gebracht door de dood van de 43-jarige psychiatrische patiënt Caulette Julien. Verder lezen

SMNnetwork | Hushang Ansary and Richard Gibson Sr wants to resolve Ennia differences mutually

De eigenaar van Ennia Hushang Ansary

PHILIPSBURG:— Ambassador Hushang Ansary and attorney Richard Gibson are accusing former Interim President of the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten (CBCS) Jose Jardim of acting in bad faith and laid critical accusations against him in the ongoing Ennia saga. Verder lezen

SMNews | Recommendation for new CBCS President

Met persbericht Centrale Bank Curacao en Sint Maarten

Als Doornbosch door de screening van de veiligheidsdiensten van Curaçao en Sint Maarten komt, kan hij in juli worden benoemd.

WILLEMSTAD/PHILIPSBURG:— On March 11, 2020, the Supervisory Board of the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten recommended to the Minister of Finance of Curaçao and the Minister of Finance of Sint Maarten that Richard Doornbosch be appointed as President of the CBCS. Verder lezen

SMN | Government-owned banks under pressure

St Maarten News Network

St Maarten News Network

PHILIPSBURG/WILLEMSTAD — Following the recent bank run on the partly government-owned Girobank in Curaçao, some of the clients of the fully government-owned PSB bank also withdrew their deposits. Management of PSB bank, which has offices in both Curaçao and St. Maarten, was quick to respond that ‘the situation is stable’. Verder lezen

DH | Disaster system individual units worked well in St. Eustatius, Saba

~ But outside cooperation, coordination lacked ~

THE HAGUE--The individual components of the disaster management system in St. Eustatius and Saba functioned well before, during and after last year’s three major hurricanes, due to the great efforts on an island level, but considerable improvement is needed in the cooperation and coordination between the islands and with the Netherlands. And, the dependence on St. Maarten should be reduced.<!--more-->

These are some of the conclusions of the Inspectorate of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security after an evaluation of the implementation of the disaster and crisis plans in St. Eustatius and Saba shortly before, during and after Hurricanes Irma, José and Maria in September last year. Saba Island Governor Jonathan Johnson and the National Government Representative (“Rijksvertegenwoordiger”) had also requested an evaluation.

Until Hurricane Irma, the islands’ disaster system never had to act upon a large event. The Justice and Security Inspectorate didn’t include St. Maarten in its evaluation, since it has no jurisdiction in this autonomous country in the Kingdom. Some of the Inspectorate’s recommendations do relate to St. Maarten where it concerns the need to reduce dependence on the larger sister island in areas such as transportation and communication.

“The Inspectorate concluded that all parties prepared well for the arrival of Hurricane Irma and that the plans and procedures in the Caribbean Netherlands are largely present. The continuity of the crisis organisation, even though under pressure, was not jeopardised thanks to the great efforts of all involved. I express my appreciation for the way the islands handled the hurricane crisis,” stated Minister of Security and Justice Ferd Grapperhaus in a recent letter that he sent to the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament along with the Inspectorate’s report.

The Inspectorate was very positive about the functioning of the individual disaster management entities in the Caribbean Netherlands and implied that without their hard work, some 20 days in a row, the situation would have been worse. “The utmost was demanded of people, but the continuity was never at risk,” stated the Inspectorate, which just like the minister gave the emergency system entities a big compliment.

However, the cooperation and feedback between the islands, with the National Government Representative in Bonaire and with the Netherlands needs improvement. “The Inspectorate concludes that the system of disaster management doesn’t completely function as it should as regulated in the Safety Law BES,” it was stated in the 59-page report.

“In practice, the authorities on the islands managed to deal with the consequences of the hurricanes in a speedy manner, but not thanks to a well-functioning disaster management system. Bluntly speaking, St. Eustatius and Saba were ‘lucky’ that a lot had to be arranged for the devastated St. Maarten and that they could hitch a ride, ‘lucky also’ that there were no fatal victims or badly injured persons,” it was stated in the report.

The coordination and cooperation at the time of the hurricanes could have been more efficient. “There were discussions about roles, tasks and responsibilities, and there was a lack of clarity regarding the prioritising and transport,” it was stated in the report. Thanks to the preparatory work of the hospitals in Statia, Saba, but also Bonaire, the medical emergency evacuation of patients was arranged.

The Inspectorate also looked at the role of the National Government Representative at the time, Gilbert Isabella. The latter was only in position in a limited manner and he formally didn’t scale up to coordination level 3, while the circumstances did qualify for such. The Representative mostly forwarded the requests for assistance from Statia and Saba to The Hague and provided feedback to the islands.

Logistically things were insufficiently prepared and arranged. “Logistics appeared a separate problem due to the loss of the St. Maarten airport. The supplying of goods, but also of people wasn’t a given anymore. Apart from a stock build-up, logistics are not included in the plans, and neither is an exterior coordination point. This makes it hard to coordinate and prioritise logistic requests.”

The focus on logistics from the Netherlands was mainly focused on St. Maarten. “Logically so because this island was the hardest hit. However, this put Saba and St. Eustatius in a dependent position, dependent on what was supplied to St. Maarten and whatever share they could get of that.” Another problem was the reserves of water and medication in Statia and Saba which were depleted within a week. The cisterns were largely contaminated.

The loss of the communication network on the islands had already been predicted in an earlier report. The loss of the telecommunication masts in St. Maarten made things worse: not only did the islands have internal communication problems because the networks were down, but also the contact with the Netherlands and international communication was difficult.

The Inspectorate presented six main recommendations: arrange the operational coordination, make the telecommunications network and transport less dependent on St. Maarten, arrange for adequate connection facilities for contacts between the emergency services, take an inventory of the nearby admission possibilities for emergency patients, and design a more robust crisis organisation with reserve teams, for example.

The Inspectorate discovered a shortcoming in the National Safety Profile of the Netherlands: this plan only includes safety risks in the Netherlands, but not the Caribbean risks such as hurricanes and tsunamis.

The minister promised Parliament that he would discuss the report’s findings with the islands’ authorities and the National Government Representative and would ask them to include the recommendations in preparing for the new hurricane season.

Bron: Daily Herald

SMNnetwork | USP Leader Frans Richardson and Janhendrik Boekaar arrested. (UPDATED)

Frans Richardson, hier links van ex-premier William Marlin | ANP BART MAAT

PHILIPSBURG:— Leader of the United Peoples Party Frans Richardson and Director of Windward Roads Janhendrik Boekaar have been detained by members of the TBO team. Verder lezen

SXMNews | Erno Labega shot multiple times in Madame Estate

Erno Labega Jr shot but stable

MADAME ESTATE – Reports reaching SMN News state that well known Erno Labega Jr. was shot multiple times around 2am Thursday morning in Madame Estate. Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson confirmed that a victim identified as E.L was shot in the Madame Estate area. Verder lezen

SMNnetwork | Gibson intends to resign the moment “motion of non-confidence” is passed against NA/USP government

~ Its time to compare St. Maarten’s recovery
to other islands including French St. Martin ~

PHILIPSBURG:— Minister of Finance Richard Gibson Sr. announced on Wednesday that if the current majority in parliament should pass a motion of non-confidence against the government he will submit his resignation immediately. Verder lezen

SMNnetwork | Appeal Court rejected the appeal of Francesco Corallo

Geen borg en enkelbandje

PHILIPSBURG:— The Court of Appeal has rejected today the release of Fransesco Corallo. He remains in custody for his extradition (uitleveringsdetentie). Verder lezen

SMNNews | Court of Appeal rules in favor of Italy with the extradition of Francesco Corallo

Court of Appeal rules in favor of Italy with the extradition of Francesco Corallo

PHILIPSBURG:—The Court of Appeal decided ON Tuesday afternoon that the extradition of Francesco Corallo (1960) is permissible. Verder lezen

SMNnews | Mark Mingo arrested by TBO and RST at PJIAE, house search conducted

Mark Mingo CEO of AC Wathey Cruise Facilities

PHILIPSBURG:— Chief Executive Officer of AC Wathey Cruise and CargoFacilities Mark Mingo was taken by detectives while waiting to board a flight to Washington DC. According to well-placed information, SMN News received is that Mingo was asked by the detectives to accompany them to the offices for questioning. The source said Mingo was on his way to attend a business trip when police escorted him out of PJIAE. Verder lezen

SMNews | Did KPMG did everything according to law when they prepared the bidding process?

Did KPMG did everything according to law when they prepared the bidding process? | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG:— The construction of the New General Hospital is on standstill even though SZV paid VAMED EU1M to settle their case so that the hospital project could kick off, however, the Minister of Health kept saying that he is busy looking for financing for the New General Hospital, he went as far as saying the Dutch was willing to finance the project on a low-interest rate. Verder lezen

SMNNews | Forensic results of body found in Great Bay

BMW found in Great Bay | Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG:— In the month of January 2010 family members of R. Brous filed an official report with the authorities on the French Side of the island stating that he had gone missing and had not returned home. Verder lezen

SMNNews | President of Central Bank Emsley Tromp failed screening

Aldus Financienminister Richard Gibson

PHILIPSBURG:— The President of the Central Bank Emsley Tromp failed the screening process announced Minister of Finance Richard Gibson at the Council of Minister’s press briefing on Wednesday. Verder lezen

SMN-Network | Insel Air pilots grounded aircrafts Wednesday night

Lack of financing and poor maintenance left hundreds of passengers stranded.

Lack of financing and poor maintenance left hundreds of passengers stranded.

WILLEMSTAD: — Two pilots working for Insel Air took a safety decision on Wednesday evening when they grounded two MD 80 aircraft leaving hundreds of passengers stranded. Verder lezen

SMN-Network | EXCLUSIVE: Non-qualified surgeon worked at St. Elizabeth Hospital for over 14 years

--- Several surgeons now under investigation one placed on non-active duty | Persbureau Curacao

Several surgeons now under investigation one placed on non-active duty | Persbureau Curacao

WILLEMSTAD:— The Board of Directors of St. Elizabeth Hospital (SEHOS) is currently investigating a case which involves several surgeons. SMN News understands that one of the surgeons was placed on non-active duty pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation. Verder lezen

SMNews | Voormalig VDSM hoofd vastgehouden in Tarpon onderzoek

Voormalig VDSM hoofd James Richardson vastgehouden in Tarpon onderzoek

Voormalig VDSM hoofd James Richardson vastgehouden in Tarpon onderzoek

Het voormalige hoofd van de Veiligheidsdienst Sint Maarten VDSM J.A.J.R. (41) is op dinsdag 19 juli gearresteerd door leden van de Landsrecherche bijgestaan door agenten van de Korps Politie St. Maarten KPSM. Verder lezen

SMNNews | Former Brigadier committed suicide in Curacao


Vienne-Valine Fecunda

PHILIPSBURG:— A former Brigadier identified Vienne-Valine Fecunda committed suicide in Curacao on Saturday. According from the website Direct Media Curacao the officer took a boat and went to Piskadera and used her service weapon to end her life. Verder lezen

SMN News | MP Silvio Matser arrested on Wednesday morning in Octopus Investigation (UPDATED)

MP Silvio Matser (foto), Eddie Fleming, Rogelio Koiman arrested --- Investigators did not get authorization from the courts to search MP Matster home | Foto SMN News

MP Silvio Matser (foto), Eddie Fleming, Rogelio Koiman arrested — Investigators did not get authorization from the courts to search MP Matster home | SMN News

PHILIPSBURG:— The budget debate that was scheduled to continue  in parliament of St. Maarten had to be posponed on Wednesday morning because the current coalition got a ‘monkey wrinch” thrown at them when the National Detectives and other law enforcement agencies conducted several house searches on Wednesday morning and arrested MP Silvio Matser. Verder lezen

SXN | Sucker Garden shooting leaves one dead.


Two men approached the victim and assasinated him, says residents.

Two men approached the victim and assasinated him, says residents.

Sucker Garden:— Several police, detectives and members of the Forensic team of KPSM rushed to Sucker Garden Monday evening in the vicinity of Rainbow Supermarket when they were informed of a shooting at a home that left one man dead. Verder lezen

SMNews | Well known French Quarter woman killed

De 31-jarige Latoya Flanders was de vriendin van NLS bendeleider Urvin 'Nuto' Wawoe

De 31-jarige Latoya ‘Nuta’ Flanders was de vriendin van de Curacaose NLS bendeleider Urvin ‘Nuto’ Wawoe

French Quarter:— Relatives, neighbors and friends of the Flanders family are in total shock, and distraught at the way their relative Latoya Flanders was brutally shot several times leaving her dead at her doorsteps. The fatal shooting took place on Fish Pot Road Quartier d’ Orleans around 5:45pm. Verder lezen

Cartoon Pa Stechi | Blogger Judith Roumou re-arrested

Press Release Public Prosecutors Office Sint Maarten

Judith Roumou | Cartoon Pa Stechi

‘Suspected of offending an attorney and a police officer’ | Cartoon Pa Stechi

PHILIPSBURG – On Monday September 28th 2015, at approximately 08.35 a.m. under orders from the Public Prosecutors Office, the 40-year-old woman J.R. was arrested for violating the conditions of her suspended pre-trial detention. Verder lezen

SMN | RMR declares war with St. Maarten as they aim at taking over Ministry of Justice Illegally

Attorney General gain the support of the Dutch to annul guideline issued by St. Maarten Minister of Justice.

Attorney General gain the support of the Dutch to annul guideline issued by St. Maarten Minister of Justice

PHILIPSBURG:— Attorney General of the countries St. Maarten, Curacao, Guus Schram has gained the support of the Dutch politicians who intend to annul a decision taken by St. Maarten’s Minister of Justice Dennis Richardson. Verder lezen

SMNNetwork | Customs officer arrested by police – Prosecutor and Attorney General tight lipped (UPDATED)

Customs Officer Arrested by Police — Prosecutor and Attorney General Tight Lipped.

PHILIPSBURG:— Police arrested a senior customs officer identified as Nestor Sanchez aka Kora on Thursday afternoon in an ongoing investigation. Customs officer Sanchez was arrested shortly after a drug bust on Insel Air that was traveling from Curacao to St. Maarten. Verder lezen