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Democracy now! | Tuesday, June 25, 2024

 Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Democracy Now!’s War and Peace Report provides our audience...

Extra | Journaal 25 juni 2024

Elke werkdag het laatste nieuws van Extra, nu ook in het Nederlands. Bron: Extra

Democracy now! | Monday, June 24, 2024

 Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Democracy Now!’s War and Peace Report provides our audience...

Extra | Journaal 24 juni 2024

Elke werkdag het laatste nieuws van Extra, nu ook in het Nederlands. Bron: Extra

SM | 150 miljoen euro nodig voor batterijen, windmolens en zonnepanelen op Aruba, Curaçao en Sint Maarten

De Nederlandse rijksoverheid moet de komende jaren 150 miljoen euro uittrekken voor de uitrol van windmolens, zonnepanelen, en batterijen op Aruba, Curaçao en Sint Maarten. Dat blijkt...

PBC | Top 0.3% belastingplichtigen met schuld dragen 1/3e totale belastingschuld

Persbureau Curacao WILLEMSTAD – De Belastingdienst richt zijn focus op invordering bij zakelijke klanten. Zij zijn verantwoordelijk voor ongeveer 95 procent van de totale belastingopbrengsten. 0,3 procent van...
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Blog JR | The Henry Lynch scandal is about to take down both Government and Opposition

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SXM Bobol Politics blog | by Judith Roumou

Henry Lynch-sxm-sint-maarten-scandal-judith-roumou
The Henry Lynch scandal is about to take down both Government and Oppsition | Cartoon by Judith Roumou

I told everyone involved in the SMHDF mess that I didn’t want to post a blog about anything until I saw evidence and documentation. Well I’ve now seen some of the evidence, and all I can say is that the St Maarten people are in for a shock.

It is no longer surprising that so many politicians have been ducking and hiding, some it seems or their kind have fled the island, hoping that things will blow over………

but it will only get worse.

Since this is not in court YET, I think it’s fair to post questions based on the documentation and evidence that I’ve been provided with, and right now although the investigation is not over, the receipts, documentation and credit card statements are almost 2000 pages long…. yes TWO THOUSAND pages of evidence so far in the Henry Lynch case.

1) Why did William Marlin, leader of the opposition, accept over $1.100 as a gift from lynch?

2) Why did Theo Heyliger accept over$500.- from Lynch?

3) How is Lynch going to defend himself, when several people have SIGNED statements attesting to working on his property in Dutch Quarter when they should have been working on the projects for the poor in Belvedere?

4) How was Henry Lynch DUMB enough to charge HOOKERS at Casa Blanca and  Bada Bing on his cards?

5) How does a person go from MINIMUM WAGE to receiving a Thousand guilder raise the next month, and then another thousand guilder raise before the year is over?

6) Why is Marcel Gumbs, our Prime Minister doing everything in his power to STOP the investigation, and to dissolve the SMHFD board?

7) Why did Lynch have to spend closed to $1000 dollars to SXM SHRED company, so that they could destroy and shred OVER 64 GALLONS of receipts, papers, and documentation which would be the evidence to the money trail?

8) Did Maurice Lake stop the SOAB investigation because he TOO is shown to have accepted ‘gifts’ on that Visa card?

9) Why did NO ONE in government raise questions, when Henry Lynch NEVER did ONE financial audit at SMHDF since William Marlin and Theo Heyliger gave him the job after they’d joined forces with some Emilio Wilson Park accord in 2010?

10) How could Henry Lynch get a Visa card for the SMHDF, but use his HOME address to receive the bills?

11) Henry Lynch was getting paid fls12.000 guilders per month to ignore the plight of the poor, as he enriched himself.. PLUS a spending account…. why did he need a LIMITLESS credit card?

12) What part did the Ombudsman play in this deception, what is her ‘connection’ to Lynch?

13) Why did no one question Henry Lynch gifting himself with a BONUS of fls14.500 THREE separate times?

14) How is Henry Lynch living in St Maarten, but according to credit card transactions, spent most of his time in various brothels and and various hotels several time… How are you a local with a home, but LOCAL hotel bills are blowing up your credit card?

15) How does a damn SALES CLERK at Maduro travel agency live in that MANSION, and is building 4 different $500.000 dollar homes… how is SHE a contractor?

16) The bogus companies used to contract such as TALIESIN and SEANCON…. ARE THESE DUMMY FRONT COMPANIES OWNED BY THEO HEYLIGER?

17) How many people were USED to set up these dummy contracting companies? I know B.W. was used and so was D.K….. But how many other people who are basically making minimum wages at their REAL jobs, pretending to be contractors so that these people keep the money and work away from real local contractors?

18) Emilio Kalmera boo.. sorry but we gotta discuss that Belize property, and more at some point……?

19) Emilio Kalmera you were in charge of finance, the evidence exist that you were aware of everything, but getting yours too, so it couldn’t bother you?

20) Kalmera they said you had the nerve to post the photos of your ‘ gifted’ property on Facebook?

21) I scanned HUNDREDS of documents today… I got it, and I’m not a financial whiz…. so how did Emilio not know? And he sure didn’t deny anything in his statements did he?

22) Can Lynch tell us more about Texad de Brazil in Miami?

23) Tell us more about Mr Errol N!!!???

24) Did William Marlin give Lynch Point Blanche property? And if yes, in exchange for what?

25) Why was only ONE family given “Summer” positions at SMHDF?

26) According to SMHDF Leona Marlin-Romeo and Lynch used SMHDF as their Campaign headquarters, how could Leona not know?

27) Is it true that Lynch is not only blackmailing Leona, but many other big shots in politics, since they were all accepting “GIFTS” from that magical credit card.

28) Why was Jason Peterson threatened??? But I guess Stopper is Jason’s brother, so they’re already gangsta, and threats don’t scare them.

29) How could Maurice stop the SOAB investigation… knowing this?

30) I will end with a statement… The MILLIONS uncovered so far is JUST the TIP of the Iceberg.

– Were the Leader of government, the current government AND the opposition ALL INVOLVED in this?

-Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs appears to be doing EVERYTHING in his powers to STOP this investigation, but Marcel needs to be careful that he doesn’t get caught up in Obstruction of Justice, Perverting the Justice system, aiding and abetting and being a damn assessory  in a major, felonious crime.

The above is also just the TIP of the iceberg, but I gotta run, marinate on those questions, and anyone who wants to step to me about my blogs, step correct!

If you wanna send your lawyer after me, well then he’d better be damn clean, because I have no problem devastating a dirty lawyer all over the internet.


HERE’S AN UPDATE TO THE BLOG: Marcel was REJECTED by the corporate government council to send home the current SMHDF board who triggered the investigation. KPMG did the initial ‘quick scan’ of the books, that was when large disrepancies were discovered in the books. So the board called in SOAB to investigate, Maurice Lake got rid of them. So the board went behind the scenes and hired an independent auditor in Curacao. Marcel tried to have the board dismiss, and his verdict was REJECTED, interestingly enough Cecil Nicholas and Frans George Richardson the NEW board that they were trying to replace them with are all USP (Frans George Richardson party) people.. so marinate some more.

Lees meer…

Judith Roumou – In’s en outs van SXM. Rauwe, authentieke blogs van een onafhankelijke Sint Maartsense die het Sint Maartense parlement en rechtbank frequenteert en politieke misstanden en corruptie aan de kaak stelt op een geheel eigen manier.

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