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Blog JR | Down goes Silvio

HomeAuteursBlog JR | Down goes Silvio

SXM Bobol Politics blog | by Judith Roumou


I’m tired of people calling Theo Heyliger “Mr 10%”, when it’s been pretty much established, that Theo’s cut has to be way better than that. At least 50% 🙂

Silvio Matser has always been a National Alliance supporter, so there were many people shocked that he would actually run as a candidate for Theo Heyliger’s UP (United People’s) Party. Some were even more shocked that Leader of the UPP, Theo Heyliger actually sent Silvio Matser to collect the bribe money for the 2014 elections.

Silvio made the wrong move, by accepting $20.000 cash (according to the briber, Francesco Corallo) and giving Theo Heyliger, not even ten percent. He gave Theo nothing, and instead spent the money to buy his own Parliamentarian seat.

Why would Silvio risk the wrath of his leader, Theo Heyliger?

Well, because Francesco Corallo told him to.

Theo Heyliger is no Claude Wathey. Theo is not known for his spine.

Francesco Corallo needed to buy his own seat in Parliament, he figured that when he bought Theo Heyliger in 2010 he would own not just his seat in Parliament, but Corallo actually believed he was buying St Maarten. At least he was acting that way.

When Theo got cold feet, Corallo felt that he would have to buy another Parliamentarian, and that unlucky bastard was Silvio Matser.

In front of the reporter, Francesco Corallo admitted to bribing Silvio Matser with $20.000 cash for the 2014 Dutch Sint Maarten elections. Within weeks after not giving Theo his cut, Silvio Matser was arrested, and put under an investigation for tax evasion.

Nobody is mentioning the fact that Silvio’s “silent partners” in his …ahem… business endeavors is supposed to be Former Prime Minister Sarah Wescot’s son, Andy Wescot. And current leader of government William Marlin’s son- Unday Marlin. I have never been able to spell William Marlin son’s name correctly, so why start now?

Corallo casually explained to me, that he was getting tired of people trying to tie him to Theo Heyliger and the UPP party, when in fact he bribed ALL politicians on ALL of the parties….. He just basically put most of his money on the horse he believed would win… ahem that horse used to be Theo.

I believe Corallo when he says that he bribes all parties, because we all know about when William Marlin went down to beg Corallo for money at his then Atlantis Casino.

Corallo changed the name from Atlantis to Starz Casino, because of all of the negative press…

but I digress 🙂

According to a then National Alliance (NA) slate member, William Marlin demanded cash,

but all Francesco Corallo could offer him was use of a printing machine, to print t-shirts, cups, posters etc for his campaign.

The witness stated that now leader of Government, William Marlin flipped.

He didn’t want use of a printing machine, he wanted CASH!

Of course he did, William Marlin’s gambling habit is supposed to be insatiable.

The videos prove it.

I wonder if he’s been staying away from the tables since he became the new leader of the Sint Maarten government last year.

Francesco Corallo believed that he had sealed the deal after 2010 when he poured funds into the campaigns of Theo Heyliger in Sint Maarten, and Gerrit Schotte in Curacao.

Parliamentarian Silvio Matser Convicted of Tax Evasion and sentenced
Parliamentarian Silvio Matser Convicted of Tax Evasion and sentenced

When Helmin Wiels got in the way, he received bullets.

Funded some say, by the Mafia bosses in both St Maarten and Curacao

It was no coincidence that Helmin Wiels was shot on the same day that the St Maarten government fell… again.

Just as it was no coincidence that the St Maarten government and the Anguilla government fell on the same day in 2015.

After all Anguilla is the financial capital of St Maarten…

but I digress.

Even Corallo, admitted in front of that Volkskrant reporter that he believed that it was Theo Heyliger who set Silvio Matser up for the downfall.

In St Maarten politics, they have to prop you up, before they drag you down.

Theo Heyliger was not handling the “Dutch Pressure” very well. Schotte had been arrested, Corallo had been arrested, the former Prime Minister, Sarah Wescot Williams set him and the entire government up for an investigation. Theo Heyliger stopped listening to his seasoned advisors, and instead put his trust in some Nigerian witchdoctor, somebody we call “Mr Ikemba”.

Silvio retaliated by joining up with Theo’s “best boy”, Maurice Lake, and notorious opportunist and scavenger Frans Richardson, and brought down Theo’s government.

Now Silvio has been re-arrested, which simply means Theo and family, once again greased someone in the Prosecutors office pockets.

The Dutch Sint Maarten Prosecutors Officer, are more often referred to as the “Dutch Sint Maarten Prostetutors Officer”, because they are a bunch of corrupt, criminal, whores!

Theo Heyliger is aware that his arrest is imminent.

William Marlin, and Frans Richardson should follow soon after.

Emperor, Theo Heyliger has shit for brains, but now he wants to be dictator of St Maarten.

Nothing scarier than an idiotic, narcissist with an empty brain.

The Dutch/American/Italian investigation will soon be getting quite interesting.

Fortunately, I have decided to be a spectator and NOT a participant.

Nobody can depend on me for shit anymore.

I’m pragmatic.

I’m a realist.

I’m going to kick back with some hot, buttered popcorn, and some TEA 🙂 and enjoy this show.

I am just getting warmed up.

I haven’t blogged in months.

When I am ready, do not be shocked at what I have to say.

And I will say it without apology.

Bron: SXMGovernment

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